Big Brother spoilers: Updated look at primary alliances

Daniel And Ameerah BB24
Daniel Durston and Ameerah Jones chat about Big Brother in the HOH Room. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal what the alliances are starting to look like as Week 1 comes to a close.

Within the first few days of the Big Brother 2022 season, some larger alliances began forming within the BB24 cast. It looked like some key team-ups could last for the majority of the summer.

But as with any season of the show, some alliances form and are doomed from the start. That has been the case for some of the groups that were acting like they wanted to work together this time around.

The end of the all-girls alliance

Paloma Aguilar, Alyssa Snider, Ameerah Jones, Indy Santos, Brittany Hoopes, and Jasmine Davis had gotten together in one of the bedrooms to create an alliance in response to witnessing Taylor Hale getting close with the guys in the house.

Due to the behavior of Paloma in the house, as well as Brittany and Indy not getting along with the other women, the alliance has died before even surviving for a full week. The attempt by BB24 cast members to finally get a successful all-girls alliance going has failed.

The women are splitting off into smaller groups, but we will need to see how the dust settles on the Thursday night eviction to know which ones will remain loyal to each other.

The end of Oasis, the beginning of Mamba (Bleep)

A larger alliance of guys called Oasis is also now dead, even though it may seem on the feeds that Pooch, Matt Turner, and Joseph Abdin are trying to keep it together. That trio has been abandoned by the other guys moving on to new things.

And now, we have a strong five-person alliance between Alyssa, Ameerah, Kyle, Michael Bruner, and Monte. The group wanted to go with Mamba as the name, but the producers had already told them that it is trademarked (Kobe Bryant’s nickname). Now, they have shifted to just calling themselves Bleep.

The Bleep alliance also used to have Pooch instead of Michael, but they were swapped by Paloma, who may now be on the outside of one of the very groups she tried to put together. However, Paloma might still be considered a sixth person if needed.

Other Big Brother 24 alliances

Some of the other notable alliances that might still have some validity are Daniel Durston, Nicole Layog, and Ameerah; a final two of Daniel and Nicole; Joseph, Kyle, Monte, and Pooch; Poch and Turner as a final two; Brittany and Michael as a final two; and a trio of Monte, Jasmine, and Ameerah.

There are likely to be offshoots of each alliance and even more deals made as Day 8 continues (July 13) and the first Eviction Ceremony of the season draws near.

As a reminder, a big Eviction night twist is coming for the BB24 cast that could change everything. The end result of that night could clarify which people want to work together, leading to a more succinct group of alliances in Week 2.

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