Big Brother: Memphis Garrett nude photos allegedly leaked online

Memphis And DaVonne BB22
Memphis Garrett from Big Brother 2020 is the talk of social media again. Pic credit: CBS

Nude photos of Memphis Garrett have many Big Brother fans buzzing on social media.

Many are wondering if it is a coincidence that right after Memphis confirmed that he is dating Christmas Abbott, the nude photos were allegedly leaked online.

Over the weekend, we reported that Memphis and Christmas had been spotted together in Florida. The couple appeared to be trying to keep a relationship quiet until that news broke online.

As soon as Memphis and Christmas went public, it appeared that Memphis’ old girlfriend Dominique Scalise deleted her Twitter account.

And now comes the news that Memphis has had nude photos of himself leaked by a mystery source. All of this information has some fans claiming that there is likely a link between Dominique getting hurt by Memphis and these photos popping up online.

Memphis has not yet addressed nude photos

We aren’t going to be sharing a link to the online photos and we haven’t seen a public response from Memphis as to whether or not the photos are real.

What we have seen is quite a few fans and former houseguests weighing in on the situation.

Big Brother houseguests react to nude photos

Kathryn Dunn from Big Brother 21 has already posted a number of times about the photos and the new relationship between Memphis and Christmas.

Kat even took the time to post some laws about revenge porn in the state of Florida and how it could be a good step for people to copyright their own nude photos in case anything like this ever happened to them.

Was Kat hinting that this is something she has already done?

Da’Vonne Rogers, who spent time in the Big Brother house with Memphis as part of the BB22 cast, was pretty specific when she put up a GIF on her own Twitter account.

Try not to laugh when taking a look at what she posted below:

And the fans are definitely having a good time with what they have been seeing on their own Twitter timelines. Something like this was definitely going to be ripe for jokes.

There will likely be more to this story when Memphis Garrett or Christmas Abbott decide to address it. Maybe we will hear from Memphis again through one of his morning chats on Instagram, but he certainly has a right to be angry because someone just violated his privacy.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.