Big Brother earthquake: House shakes, BB22 cast scatters in video

Cody C In BB22 House
Cody Calafiore is doing very well on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother house felt an earthquake late Friday night as some of the houseguests were preparing for bed.

The shaking could be seen on the CBS live feeds, beginning shortly after 11:41 p.m. PT. That’s the local time for the Big Brother house in California.

The houseguests scattered a bit, and, of course, the feeds went to stars as the commotion continued.

Since the house is located in Californis, it’s something that happens every now and then to one of the casts. As such, they knew exactly what to do and were probably prepared in advance by producers – just in case it happened this season.

Video of the Big Brother earthquake

Below is a short video clip of what was taking place as the earthquake hit the Big Brother house. All four cameras from the CBS live feeds are shown and the BB22 cast was quick to react to the shaking.

For anyone who wants to go back on the feeds to watch it live, the shaking started shortly after the clock hit 11:41 p.m. house time. The great news is that nobody was injured.

It is a tad surprising that they went to the stars so quickly, as in the past the live feeds have been kept running while earthquakes played out.

Things are quite different this year, though, with the feeds cutting out all the time at the choice of the producers.

It was later reported that this was a 4.6 earthquake centered in Rosemead, California. It hit ths Los Angeles area and was felt in most of Southern California.

For more about the earthquake itself, a link to a Los Angeles Time article on the event is shared below.

Big Brother All-Stars spoilers

Things got back to normal pretty quickly on Friday night and the live feeds were back up and running shortly after the event. It’s likely something that the houseguests will address again in the morning.

As for what’s going on in the game, quite a few Big Brother All-Stars spoilers have come out in the past 48 hours. It goes back to when a new Head of Household was crowned after the Thursday night episode came to an end.

Memphis Garrett is the new HOH. He won the latest challenge and became the first person to be HOH twice this summer.

Memphis jumped into action right away, setting up some new alliances that could help him later in the game. He also has several final three deals that are now in place that could make for some interesting television.

Then, on Friday, Memphis hosted the new Nomination Ceremony and announced who he had placed on the block. He has not been very vocal about his final target this week, so things could still shift in that regard, but it’s clear which group of people he is trying to evict.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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