Big Brother 23: Whitney Williams makes OnlyFans announcement, receives lots of support from former houseguests

Whitney On BB23 Live Feeds
Whitney Williams appeared on the Summer 2021 season of Big Brother. Pic credit: CBS

Whitney Williams from Big Brother 23 revealed that her new OnlyFans page has allowed her to “stop working 60+” hours each week.

Big Brother fans met Whitney as a member of the BB23 cast this past summer, but she ended up getting eliminated rather early in the season.

Whitney was the fourth person voted off of BB23 and she just missed out on making it to the jury house.

Since her return to the real world, Whitney has become even more interactive on social media, including providing more makeup tips for her many followers.

Now, Whitney has turned her attention to OnlyFans, where she has a page that people can subscribe to in order to see new images and videos of her. She creates new content that is made exclusively available to those monthly subscribers.

Whitney Williams makes OnlyFans announcement

“I’m about to upset a lot of people by announcing this, primarily my family, but this is the reason that I’m finally able to stop working 60+ hrs a week and move my boys and I into a REAL home in just a few days!” Whitney revealed in an extensive post she made to Instagram.

“I understand the stigma behind OF, but truthfully I find it empowering to be able to share this side of me that I keep hidden everywhere else. So please keep your, “but what will your kids think someday” comments to yourself, because honestly I think my kids will appreciate the steps I have taken to be stress free for the first time and FINALLY be able to spend quality time with them catching up on their childhood while I still can,” Whitney went on to explain.

Other Big Brother houseguests show Whitney a lot of support

Quite a few former Big Brother houseguests have stopped by Whitney’s Instagram post to leave messages of support and love. A lot of them were women who expressed their excitement about the new endeavor that Whitney was taking on.

Natalie Negrotti from Big Brother 18 wrote, “Stop justifying ur actions. Women need to stopppp justifying why they do things and just live to make urself and ur babies happy.”

Elena Davies from Big Brother 19 posted, “We love to see it.”

Hannah Chaddha, also from her BB23 cast, wrote, “YES WHIT.”

Christie Murphy from Big Brother 21 wrote, “Hustle is still hustle! Do you baby girl! 😍🔥.”

And Kaitlyn Herman from Big Brother 20 posted, “Best decision of my life too!!!👏👏.”

Support For Whitney Williams
Former Big Brother houseguests showed their support for Whitney Williams. Pic credit: @makeupbywhit/Instagram

Celebrity Big Brother debuts February 2 on CBS.