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Big Brother 23 rumors: Will CBS renew show for another summer?

BB22 Cast Brought In Viewers
CBS viewers tuned in to watch the Big Brother 22 cast in action this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 rumors are already starting to pick up, thanks in part to the ratings success of the BB22 cast.

When CBS decided to move forward with BB All-Stars 2 during a pandemic, it ended up limiting the pool of players that the producers could choose from. It also meant relying on returning houseguests who could adhere to all the protocols.

The summer 2020 season started off pretty rough in regard to the viewership numbers that CBS saw each night. But those numbers have definitely rebounded in recent weeks and the show is doing strong in fall timeslots as well.

The Triple Eviction ratings from October 1 have come in and it continues a trend of the numbers going up from week-to-week with each episode. The numbers are also up from month-to-month, suggesting the interest level is increasing as well.

When would Big Brother 23 take place?

Another season of the show could take place during summer 2021 if everything around the world starts to settle in regard to COVID-19. The viewership numbers are there and just from social media alone, it is very clear that fans are still interested.

As is the key with most things, the producers just need to put the right cast together and the fans will tune in to watch it. That might also mean that it is time to put an end to all of the returning houseguests and to return with a brand new group of fresh faces.

There is a lot of lead time to make that happen, especially if they start casting for BB23 in the month of November. Within the BB22 schedule, the current season will come to a close before the end of October.

Could summer 2021 season be celebrities?

If the pandemic continues into the winter and spring months, that may create a situation where show producers have to resort to another gimmick season to get something on the air.

It’s possible that Celebrity Big Brother 3 could finally reappear, as the producers could then bring in another cast of characters willing to go through the same health protocols that the BB22 cast had to endure.

But will CBS viewers actually want to see the celebrities again? The cast of Celebrity Big Brother 2 was rough and it continued a trend of celebrities talking about quitting all the time. Then again, the self-eviction talk inundated BB22 for a short while as well.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of Big Brother fans who want to watch another good season of the show. Free advertising helps through buzz on social media, and the show continues to win timeslots, even in a down season.

Just in case there is a gap in time before Big Brother 23 can arrive, make sure to tune in for the final episodes of the current season. Here is a breakdown of all the episodes remaining for the Big Brother 22 cast.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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