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Benjamin Taylor’s ex-wife on his 90 Day Fiance appearance: ‘He invaded my space’

Ben Taylor 90 Day Fiance
Benjamin’s ex-wife felt the need to defend herself when 90 Day Fiance fans question her involvement. Pic credit: TLC

Benjamin Taylor’s ex-wife popped up on Instagram a few months back and ever since, she’s been spilling tea and setting the record straight about their divorce, their son, and even Akinyi’s hesitation to be a stepmother.

Naturally, 90 Day Fiance fans have been following the woman who goes by @cactus_fruit_juice on Instagram and she has definitely provided some insight about Benjamin. While she’s definitely taken the high road, there have been a few times that she’s thrown a bit of shade.

Now, Benjamin’s ex-wife is explaining why she’s “invested” so much in Benjamin’s life and his appearance on the show. And while some might argue that she has every right since they share a child together — a child who has been featured on the TLC series and who is talked about quite a bit — her investment in 90 Day Fiance and the spinoffs that go with it actually goes further than just seeing Benjamin and Akinyi each week.

It turns out that Benjamin’s ex is a huge fan of the show and has been for years. On Instagram, she took the time to answer those who want to know why she’s been weighing in each week and she claims to have been watching from the beginning.

In fact, she wrote, “He invaded my space” in response to those who want to know why she’s so interested in 90 Day Fiance. As far as her sudden appearance on social media, that could have to do with being “found” by fans of the show and also because she created a new Instagram account recently, explaining that her old one is for her photography business and that she wants to “keep it classy.”

We have to ask though, for those who have criticized her for speaking out — wouldn’t you want to tune in too if your ex-husband and your child were featured and talked about on a reality show?

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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