Ben Willoughby hits back at Captain Kerry Titheradge, calls Barbie Pascual ‘toxic’ amid Below Deck feuds

Ben Willoughby and Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck Season 11
Ben and Captain Kerry have no love for each other. Pic credit: Bravo

Ben Willoughby isn’t done sharing his thoughts on Below Deck Season 11, especially regarding Captain Kerry Titheradge and Barbie Pascual.

The bosun had several Instagram Stories Q&A sessions to share his side of things throughout the season.

Ben keeps reiterating his dislike of Captain Kerry, even slamming him for his treatment of the crew and production.

As Monster and Critics previously reported, the captain called Ben the “biggest disappointment” of the season.

Ben has responded to that via a fan question wanting to know what happened between him and Captain Kerry.

“In my opinion it was a jealousy thing. He felt intimidated I knew the yacht better than he did and had a great repor with production and BTS staff. Unfortunately,” he wrote.

Ben hits back at Captain Kerry
Ben slams Captain Kerry after the Below Deck finale. Pic credit: @wanderingwilloughby/Instagram

Captain Kerry wasn’t the only Below Deck crew member Ben was taking aim at when answering questions.

Below Deck star Ben Willoughby calls Barbie Pascual ‘toxic’

The Season 11 finale was explosive, with Barbie Pascual leaving the St. David yacht after the final crew night out. Kyle Stille, getting naked, got the ball on Barbie, losing her mind, but Xandi Oliver pushed her over the edge of the van.

Ben was asked about Barbie bailing on Kyle and seemed to backhandedly defend her by giving her credit for trying to adapt to the environment. The bosun also expressed that everyone has a breaking point.

Ben slams Barbie
Ben sort of defends Barbie. Pic credit: @wanderingwilloughby/Instagram

However, during the Q&A session, Ben went all in on Barbie when asked his thoughts about her hating Sunny Marquis and Ben.

“Barbie is very toxic! Nice girl but you just used to getting her way. Sunny and I did nothing wrong to her just pointed out the obvious and she got offended and cut ties with us so honestly it’s her loss,” he explained.

When one of Ben’s fans asked what Barbie’s deal was, Ben replied, “Christ only knows.”

Ben IG Stories
Ben slams Barbie after Below Deck ended. Pic credit: @wanderingwilloughby/Instagram

More Below Deck Season 11 updates

Barbie and Xandi let Below Deck fans know where they stand following that very explosive finale.

Sunny and Ben confirmed they are dating, sharing more insight into their relationship.

There is also an update on what happened between Fraser Olender and charter guest Steven.

Captain Lee Rosbach recently shared that he missed Below Deck, but he’s looking forward to the premiere of his new show, Deadly Waters.

Season 12 of Below Deck has also been confirmed, and new details are emerging. You can read all about it here.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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