Ben Higgins’ wife Jessica has never watched his season of The Bachelor

Ben Higgins & Jessica Clarke
Ben Higgins reveals something about his wife. Pic credit: @higgins.ben/Instagram

Ben Higgins won the hearts of Bachelor Nation when he was on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette.

He was such a fan favorite that America wanted him as the next leading role on The Bachelor.

While Ben chose Lauren Bushnell, and they even went on to have their own reality television show together, it ultimately ended with the twosome.

Since their breakup, Ben and Lauren have gone on to marry other people. Lauren married country star, Chris Lane, whereas Ben went on to date and eventually marry Jessica Clarke.

Before tying the knot, Ben and Jessica dated for a while before getting engaged in March of 2020 and married in November of the following year.

Despite marrying the former Bachelor, Jessica has never seen Ben’s season of the show.

Ben Higgins reveals his wife, Jessica Clarke, has never seen his season of The Bachelor

During the Almost Famous podcast, where Ben is a co-host with fellow Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti, he told viewers and listeners that his wife, Jessica, has never watched his season of The Bachelor.

In fact, he relayed, “I bet Jess has asked me about the show less than five times in our four years together.”

However, Jessica’s mom was a fan of the show and had some information to release once Jessica and Ben got together.

Ben let viewers in on the little secret as he declared, “She watched one episode [of] my season when she was in college, and her mom claims that Jessica walked in the room and [said], ‘I could date that guy.’”

He went on to say, “Her mom said that was shocking because Jessica never spoke like that. Like, [she] never spoke openly about who she was into or what she’s into.”

Ben discussed how that had truly left a mark on Jessica’s mom, and years later, when Ben slid into Jessica’s DMs, she told Jessica she had to respond.

Ben expressed that her mom had claimed, “Whoa, that’s …a weird [full] circle moment. [She said], ‘You should message him back. See what happens.’ And then we’re married.”

Ben Higgins and Jessica Clarke’s relationship

After receiving a DM from Ben, Jessica was shocked to just see it sitting there. She never once thought that by responding to Ben’s DM, it would blossom into a relationship, a proposal, and then a marriage

Even though Jessica has never watched Ben’s season, he would back her either way. He’s totally ok with her not seeing it, but he would also support her if she did want to sit down and watch it, too. Ben has let it be 100% Jessica’s decision.

Jessica and Ben were engaged in March of 2020, but then the pandemic happened, so they weren’t able to marry right away.

For the full Almost Famous podcast episode, click here.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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