Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual called out over dad drama after Kyle Stille fling

Barbie Pascual on Below Deck Season 11
Barbie has Below Deck fans coming for her. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Barbie Pascual has been called out over how she treated Kyle Stille after fling all because of her dad.

Barbie and Kyle took their friendship to the next level on the latest crew night out.

The next day, Barbie had regents because she knew her dad would see the hookup.

When other crew members wanted details about Kyle and Barbie’s night, she grew even more upset and took it out on him.

Following the most recent episode, Below Deck fans didn’t hold back from expressing their frustration with the stew.

X (formerly Twitter) was on fire with opinions about Barbie’s treatment of Kyle

Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual called over dad drama after Kyle Stille fling

“Ok, Barbie has been married & divorced and is still worrying about what her father will think…to the point of tears?   #belowdeck,” read an X.

Another declared Barbie needs to cut the cord with her father using a Schitt’s Creek GIF to get the point across.

“Barbie constantly calling herself “conservative” whilst doing the deed on camera is just killing me 😂 #belowdeck,” said one X user who also included a GIF of Ryan Gosling laughing.

A different X user told Barbie to be quiet because Kyle’s one of the good guys and blasted her for having daddy issues by using some choice words.

Barbie was called out for being a bully to Kyle and given advice to simply live and learn from her experience.

“I feel so sorry for Kyle! He’s so in to Barbie, but she’s acting like he has leprosy. #BelowDeck,” wrote an X user, who used a GIF to let the stew know her actions were not cool.

There was an X that pointed out Barbie is 28 years old, and she shouldn’t be so concerned with what her father thinks unless she did something that would be truly embarrassing to her family.

“Barbie is getting on my nerves with this nonsense, this is your job sis. Crying to your boss because you slept with your coworker and now your dad is going to be mad.  I can’t #BelowDeck,” read an X.

Not everyone was coming for Barbie, though; Kyle and Ben Willoughby were also put on blast.

Below Deck fans stand up for Barbie Pascual amid backlash

Ben sticking his nose in the personal business of Kyle and Barbie did not go over well with some Below Deck viewers. The bosun needs to be checked according to one X user.

Kyle didn’t have everyone standing up for him either, as a few fans felt he was relentless in his pursuit of Barbie.

“Kyle, If you persist and persist and persist till someone is drunk and gives in to your harrassment & then the next day they are full of regret, that’s on you. To try and make Barbie out to be the bad person in this situation is disgusting.  #BelowDeck,” said an X.

Another simply defended Barbie for not wanting her personal business out there even though she is on a reality TV show.

Barbie Pascual is facing more backlash as Below Deck Season 11 winds down. Fans are not happy with her, and as Monsters and Critics previously reported, they are not happy with another issue in the Below Deck family either.

The airing of Below Deck Med Season 9 instead of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 has fans not happy. To learn why Season 5 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was pushed back click here.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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