Below Deck: What happened between Jake Foulger and Paris Fields?

Jake Foulger and Paris Fields on Below Deck
New Below Deck stew Paris was engaged to Jake. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 11 finally introduced fans to the new stew Paris Fields.

The blonde bombshell arrived just in time for a crew night out and day off at the beach.

Chief Stew Fraser Olender immediately recognized Paris from FaceTime chats with his pal Below Deck alum Jake Fougler.

It turns out Paris just so happens to be Jake’s ex-fiancee, the one he talked about during Season 9 of the hit yachting show.

Below Deck viewers were given a flashback to Season 9 featuring Fraser and Jake talking to Paris.

So, what happened with Paris and Jake? Let’s take a look at what we know.

Below Deck’s Jake Foulger and Paris Fields’ relationship timeline explained

Fans learned that Jake was technically engaged in Below Deck Season 9, Episode 4. Jake revealed that he had a fiancee but not a girlfriend because he just can’t be monogamous.

“I really care for Paris, and I know she cares for me, but we’re nowhere near ready for marriage. She understands what I’m like, and she knows I’m gonna be doing all this crazy s**t. I just feel like you gotta spread all the love. All the love, baby,” Jake shared via his confessional on the show.

Later, the deckhand revealed that he and Paris were only engaged so she could get a green card to work in the United Kingdom, where Jake lives. However, Jake saying that became suspect when Paris called him a “wanker” after she learned he almost had sex with Rayna Lindsey.

In Jake’s eyes, he felt Paris was okay with him kissing other women, but having sex would cross the line. Jake wasn’t willing to blow up his relationship with Paris for a one-night stand.

Paris and Jake were broken up by the time the Below Deck Season 9 reunion rolled out. Even though he wasn’t in attendance, he did share via social media that he was struggling with mental health issues.

Jake shared that Paris ended the engagement. The details surrounding the demise of the relationship have been kept private.

Perhaps Paris will shed more light on how things ended with Jake as Below Deck Season 11 plays out. We know they still follow each other on social media, so things must not have ended badly for Jake and Paris.

What can Below Deck fans expect from the new stew Paris Fields?

Well, it became pretty clear that Paris has no problem speaking her mind or standing her ground. The blonde bombshell also enjoys stirring the pot, something she bluntly admitted via her confessional.

“I definitely say what’s on my mind, I think because I don’t have any serotonin or any happiness left, so I just wanna stir the pot and regain some of that happiness back through people’s suffering. That’s not really true, I’m not evil. I promise,” Paris spilled.

The new stew can already tell that the interior is filled with drama, especially between Fraser and Barbie Pascual. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Fraser has been blasted for his actions toward her in the most recent episode.

Be sure to keep watching Below Deck to find out more about Paris Fields, including her relationship with Jake Foulger.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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