Below Deck viewers slam Captain Sandy for her throwback reaction to insubordination

Captain Sandy Yawn
Captain Sandy Yawn on Season 10 of Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 10 viewers are fresh off of the firing of Alissa Humber by Captain Sandy Yawn, who thought Alissa was overly insubordinate.

Captain Sandy has been the figurehead of Below Deck Mediterranean for six seasons and has been taking over for Captain Lee on Season 10 of Below Deck while he’s been recovering from medical issues.

Below Deck fans have seen Captain Sandy in action for long enough to become familiar with her hands-on management style, disdain for mansplaining, and adherence to maritime law.

Captain Sandy has been put in a number of crew situations where she used her experience and judgment to prove a point and endeavor to make the boat run better. However, Below Deck viewers are finding her to be inconsistent.

Alissa’s firing was the first time Sandy fired a crew member for insubordination, and it made Below Deck viewers criticize her for not making that move in past situations of insubordination.

Furthermore, Sandy is being scrutinized for favoritism and other things she’s let slide in certain instances and not others.

A Reddit thread showing a clip of a situation from Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean where Captain Sandy dealt with insubordination has sparked controversy for the yacht captain.

A Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 video shows Bobby Giancola being insubordinate to Captain Sandy Yawn

The subject of the Reddit thread was a video from Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean when the anchor chain was tangled, and bosun Wes Walton and deckhand Bobby Giancola were trying to untangle it.

Captain Sandy was above the tangle on the boat and asked Wes and Bobby if pulling on one of the lines would pull up the anchor. Bobby snapped at Captain Sandy and held up the rope for her to look at while sounding condescending as he told her that wasn’t going to happen and how heavy the force would be.

Captain Sandy fired back, “Tie it on and give me the line and then you can just stand back if you’re afraid.” She further stated, “I’ve been doing this for 27 years. I said you can stand back while I pull up on the chain. Everyone’s under a lot of stress. Just take a breath.”

Bobby took offense to Sandy’s words for him and was visibly upset by being called scared. Wes commented during a private interview that Bobby’s greenness was showing and that the hierarchy had to be respected in emergencies.

Bobby did not get reprimanded by Captain Sandy for the way he acted then or during several other questionable situations involving boat crew relations and guest relations.

Below Deck viewers sounded off in the comments of the Reddit thread about Captain Sandy

Below Deck viewers took issue with Captain Sandy’s handling of Bobby’s insubordination and a few other things that she has let slide with certain people but not others in seasons past.

One critic remarked, “Bobby got so many passes. Don’t forget the crew egged him on to hook up with a charter guest. Meanwhile, Hannah [Ferrier] got burned at the stake and ratted out by Bugsy [Drake] for making out with a charter guest.”

Reddit comments about Captain Sandy Yawn
A Below Deck viewer laid into Captain Sandy. Pic credit: u/MCStarlight/Reddit

Another Below Deck viewer shared, “What’s really shocking is how she allows male superiors to hook up with their female subordinates without saying a word about it.”

Reddit comments about Captain Sandy Yawn
A Redditor made another point about Sandy. Pic credit: u/Rowing_Lawyer/Reddit

Captain Sandy’s actions on Season 10 of Below Deck compared to Below Deck Mediterranean have certainly sparked conversation.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock. Below Deck Mediterranean is on hiatus. Seasons 1-7 are available to stream on Peacock.

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