Below Deck star Ben Willoughby calls Captain Kerry ‘a different taste’ than Captain Lee and Captain Sandy

Ben Willoughby on Below Deck Season 11
Ben gets real about having a new captain on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Ben Willoughby has broken his silence on working with Captain Kerry Titheradge on Season 11 of the OG show.

Ben made his Below Deck debut on Season 10, working under Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn.

Now, the deckhand returns for his second season as Below Deck revamps the series, bringing in Captain Kerry to take over for Captain Lee.

Ahead of the Season 11 premiere next week, Ben got real about working under three different captains in the hit yachting franchise.

Ben also hyped the new season to prepare fans for the OG show minus the stud of the sea.

The new captain will certainly be a change for Below Deck fans, and Ben had something to say about that, too.

Below Deck star Ben Willoughby calls Captain Kerry ‘a different taste’ than Captain Lee and Captain Sandy

Ben opened up to E! News about the major change coming to Below Deck, especially after having two captains that go hand in hand with the series.

“There’s a change of wind in the air, I’d say with Captain Kerry, you’re going to get a sterner captain. It’s always good to have a fresh breeze. He’s someone I think everyone’s gonna enjoy. It’s a different taste to Captain Lee and Captain Sandy,” Ben told the outlet.

The Bravo personality insisted that once Below Deck fans are used to Captain Kerry, they will appreciate what he brings to the table, like his level of professionalism. Ben declared there was no middle ground with Captain Kerry.

“You either sink or swim with Captain Kerry,” he expressed.

The deckhand added that the new captain is also more stern than Captain Sandy or Captain Lee, which was a bit surprising. Ben doesn’t blame Captain Kerry for coming in with a stern attitude, considering it’s his license on the line.

If a crew member messes up, that is strike one with Captain Kerry, but Ben says that’s not the case with the other two captains.

“Captain Sandy, she’s very much like a motherly figure, kind of comforting, wants you to learn and nurture. And Captain Lee is just very much ‘all right, you messed, up do better.,” the deckhand explained to E! News.

Ben Willoughby opens up about getting used to Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck

Having two different captains in one season of Below Deck was challenging enough for Ben. Then throwing in a new captain for Season 11 made things even more difficult for him.

Thankfully, Ben had worked on the St. David yacht before and was able to help Captain Kerry get used to the vessel. Ben also had Fraser Olender back with him for another season.

Even though they butt heads in the trailer, Ben admits Fraser’s like a brother to him, and he found solace reuniting with the chief stew amid the chaos.

Ben Willoughby wants fans to know that Captain Kerry Titheradge is great, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be problems or issues.

Below Deck, fans will have to tune in to find out what problems arise and see how Captain Kerry stacks up to Captain Lee Rosbach and Captain Sandy Yawn.

It won’t all be problems and chaos, though.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ben recently teased Below Deck fans will get more answers about his Season 10 romance drama with Camille Lamb and Leigh-Ann Smith.

Who’s ready for Below Deck Season 11?

Below Deck Season 11 premieres on Monday, February 5, at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-10 are streaming on Peacock.

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