Below Deck spoilers: Ben drops a Captain Kerry bombshell after naming lead deckhand

Ben Willoughby on Below Deck Season 11
Ben gives a promotion and stirs the pot on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Bosun Ben Willoughby makes a big decision, and the latest Below Deck spoilers see him taking a dig at Captain Kerry Titheradge.

Ever since he was promoted, Ben has needed to name someone as lead deckhand.

Captain Kerry has told Ben more than once to get the position filled for the sake of his team.

Well, Ben finally decided between Sunny Marquis, Kyle Stillie, and Dylan Pierre De Villiers to fill the position.

Ahead of the moment playing out on Below Deck, Ben decided to spill the news himself with a spoiler video.

Ben also shared a very lengthy explanation about his decision, and some behind-the-scenes details.

Below Deck’s Ben Willoughby names lead deckhand

Taking it to Instagram, Ben shared a video of the episode, which revealed that Sunny was promoted to lead deckhand. Ben keeps with the golden brush tradition Ross McHarg started in Season 10 when Ben got the lead deckhand gig.

In the video, Sunny expressed how gratifying it feels to get the promotion and know she’s good at her job.

Meanwhile, Dylan isn’t thrilled with Sunny getting the job over him. Dylan uses his signature sense of humor to go off in his confessional.

Ben wrote a lengthy caption to show how he came to his decision, revealing he promotes based on character, not skills, because the latter can be taught.

“After 6 charters, I need someone who can give Captain Kerry clear signals and judgment to help him make the correct decisions,” he wrote as part of his caption.

“Sunny’s progression thus far has been monumental on St David this season, from not knowing how to use the anchor to solely operating the anchor station and also teaching Kyle how to use the anchor herself without my guidance. Sunny is someone who strives to achieve the best out of herself and takes pride in her work.”

Then, the bosun shared that he wanted to change the norm in yachting to one where a person’s character should be given more consideration in promotions. It’s Ben’s mission, as he used the example of a yachtie who was not good at their job but had many years of experience.

Ben feels it’s all about how a person acts while working and getting the job done. Dylan and his reaction were also brought up, with Ben sharing some behind-the-scenes info about Captain Kerry.

What did Ben say about Below Deck star Captain Kerry?

Regarding Dylan, Ben referenced the video and Dylan’s reaction to why he didn’t get promoted.

Ben wanted everyone to speak to him privately if there was an issue, which Dylan did not, but his face spoke volumes. Plus, Dylan’s confessional really said it all, too.

It turns out that, according to Ben, Captain Kerry wasn’t a Dylan fan.

“Captain Kerry quietly wanted Dylan off the yacht as his personality was a little too much for Kerry’s liking,” Ben wrote in the IG post caption.

Instead of giving up on Dylan, Ben talked to him to reveal he was on Captain Kerry’s radar for being over the top. Ben claims Dylan adjusted and responded well to the critique.

Wowza! Ben sure did have a lot to say about his lead deckhand promotion. We personally think Ben’s trying to get ahead of the comments coming that will no doubt assume Sunny got the job because they are hooking up.

The bombshell about Captain Kerry makes us wonder if Dylan lasts all season. After all, as Monsters and Critics previously reported, someone gets fired soon, and it isn’t who Below Deck fans think.

What do you think of Ben promoting Sunny and his Captain Kerry bombshell?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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2 months ago

Ben should stop have promoted Dylan not someone mostly cause he was sleeping with them he’s also a hypocrite.