Below Deck spoilers: Ben and Kyle don’t take Captain Kerry seriously, Fraser channels Beyonce, and going home

Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck Season 11
Captain Kerry has had it with Ben on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

The time has come for the St. David crew to say good-bye on Below Deck after a season of so many ups and downs.

Season 11 of Below Deck will come to an end in less than a week, but don’t expect the drama or chaos to subside.

Thanks to a sneak peek from Bravo, we know that tensions are high as the crew pushes through the final charter.

In the new footage, things pick up right where they left off, with Captain Kerry Titheradge laying into Ben Willoughby and Kyle Stille for ignoring his cabin inspection orders.

Captain Kerry doesn’t hold back ripping them for being disrespectful, especially after the support he’s shown the guys all season.

Ben gets the brunt of it because he’s the bosun and in a leadership role. The reprimand from the captain doesn’t seem to faze him, though.

The aftermath of cabin inspections and channeling Beyonce on Below Deck

Although Kyle and Ben seem apologetic when they are getting lectured, it’s a different tune in their confessionals. Ben and Kyle do a joint confessional where it becomes clear they feel Captain Kerry is making much ado about nothing.

They are all smiles and joking, even as they head down to clean their cabin. Let’s just say if Captain Kerry wasn’t pissed off before he will be after this hits Bravo airwaves.

After all, Ben literally says in his confessional that he “doesn’t give a s**t” about what the captain is saying because he’s over Captain Kerry. There’s no love lost between those two on or off-screen these days.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Ben recently made some harsh accusations about Captain Kerry after the inspection drama went down.

Meanwhile, Fraser Olender rallies the crew for one final performance before they go their separate ways. The charter guests are throwing a Beyonce-themed party in honor of the primary’s 50th birthday, so Fraser gathers the crew to teach them a dance.

Oh yes, the group goes all out or at least tries to in order to accommodate the request.

In between gearing up for the final night with guests, the crew chats about what they will do when they get home. Paris Fields and Xandi Oliver are headed to work on other yachts, while Barbie Pascual is looking forward to downtime with her family.

Based on the next on footage, Barbie will need that quality family time.

Below Deck Season 11 finale spoilers

The St. David crew has their last night out, and boy, do they go out with a bang. Kyle gets drunk and naked, even jumping into the water at one point. His actions lead Barbie to walk away furious.

However, it’s the van ride home that really puts a damper on the evening after Xandi admits if Barbie was her stew, she would have been fired. Tempers flare in the van, with Paris trying to escalate things and Xandi freaking out that she needs out of the van ASAP.

The video ends with Barbie losing it back at the St. David yacht, alluding to the final crew night out ending in chaos and disaster.

We will have to tune in to the Below Deck Season 11 finale to see how it all ends, but the review points to one good episode.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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