Below Deck: Sierra blasted by Ben over a SALAD

Sierra Storm serves her salad on Below Deck
Sierra Storm serves her salad to the guest with special dietary requirements on this week’s Below Deck

On this week’s Below Deck, Ben has to give Sierra a dressing down after she totally fails at making a SALAD.

The episode, titled That Tuna Is F@#!Ed, shows the posh guests dining on a series of fine food courses dished up by Ben including caviar and foie gras.

But one of the members of the party has special dietary requirements and gets served a salad instead.

However, because Ben is focusing on the main event he leaves Sierra in charge of putting it together and it immediately becomes clear that was a bad idea.

Ben seems to serve up course after course of amazing-looking delicacies while Sierra takes a looooong time making her salad. At one point she even asks Ben for help but he tells her: “It’s your baby, alright.”

Ben adds: “She has two courses to do tonight and all she’s doing is making the world’s biggest salad!”

Once it’s done, not only does it look very sorry for itself next to Ben’s beautifully presented concoctions — it’s also MASSIVE!

The guest is less than impressed at having to wait so long to finally get something to eat, and is stunned when Sarah tells her the salad is going to replace ALL 12 courses.

Asked by Sarah if that’s ok, she says: “No!” She adds: “I’m disappointed.”

However, the salad isn’t the only thing that’s a turn-off, with the conversation amongst the guests really grating on chief stew Kate off after they start talking about girls in front of the principal guest’s daughter. She says: “This is just gross.”

Meanwhile, this episode of Below Deck we also see Capt. Lee blow a gasket at Trevor after he puts the crew in danger on a night out. And Kelley and Nico find themselves competing for the attention of the same stew.

Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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