Below Deck Season 10 sneak peek: Captain Sandy demands respect, Fraser’s livid and more Alissa drama

Captain Sandy Yawn Below Deck Season 10
Captain Sandy isn’t happy on Below Deck Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo has given Below Deck fans a sneak peek at Season 10 Episode 12, and it seems the tension hits an all-time high as Captain Sandy Yawn makes a plan to unite the crew.

The most recent episode ended with Fraser Olender fuming after Captain Sandy laid into him, even telling the chief stew to stop speaking.

Thanks to the new sneak peek, Below Deck viewers can see that drama picks up right where it left off with the guests oblivious to the chaos unfolding between the captain and chief stew.

Fraser’s livid over how Captain Sandy spoke to him and doesn’t hold back his anger toward her.

In confessional, Captain Sandy sounds off about her crew needing to respect the chain of command, something she feels isn’t happening with Fraser or Alissa Humber.

Things go from bad to worse when the captain overhears Fraser complaining to Alissa and declares, “Fire me, I don’t care.” That’s when Captain Sandy takes charge to fix the dynamic of her crew.

Captain Sandy Yawn lectures Below Deck Season 10 crew

After the guests leave, the St. David crew gathers for a tip meeting but gets quite a surprise from Captain Sandy. She kicks things off with a lecture about the crew complaining all over the yacht, where guests and other crew members can hear every single word.

Then the captain announced the crew will have a team building exercise by playing beach volleyball together. The news earns mixed reactions as Ben Willoughby and Tony Duarte seem happy, while Fraser’s clearly not pleased.

Hayley uses the confessional to show her unhappiness over the idea with a joke and sarcasm Below Deck viewers have come to expect from her.

Alissa won’t back down and Fraser gets an out

The deck team seems to be rolling with the punches, although Tony does get stung by a bee and has some pain. However, Alissa has no intentions of staying quiet or keeping her mouth shut outside the crew cabins.

As Alissa complains about having to play volleyball and Captain Sandy, Fraser reminds her to keep her voice down. The stew isn’t having it though and makes it clear she will speak her mind when and where she wants.

Oh yes, the tension between Captain Sandy and Alissa only gets worse. Adding fuel to the fire, the stew will be the next to leave the luxury yacht.

The clip ends with Fraser happily discovering he doesn’t have to play in the volleyball game because his foot’s infected.

That’s just the first few minutes of the show proving that once again Below Deck fans can expect a drama-filled episode that won’t disappoint.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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