Below Deck Season 10 sneak peek: Captain Lee settles in and Leigh-Ann makes an impression

Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck Season 10
Captain Lee has returned to Below Deck Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

A Below Deck Season 10 sneak peek for Episode 15 shows Captain Lee Rosbach settling in after his return, and newbie Leigh Ann Smith makes quite an impression on the crew.

Season 10 Episode 14 ended with Captain Lee taking back his boat from Captain Sandy Yawn.

The crew said goodbye to the Below Deck Mediterranean personality, leaving viewers to wait for the next episode to see Captain Lee back in action.

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It also had the group welcoming a new stew Leigh-Ann, who has a connection with deckhand Ben Willoughby.

Thankfully Bravo has dropped a sneak peek to give Below Deck viewers their fix before next Monday.

The footage is filled with happiness, jealousy, and a preview of the upcoming uber-demanding charter guests.

Captain Lee reunites with his crew

A tearful reunion takes place between Captain Lee and chef Rachel Hargrove, with the latter getting emotional as she hugs the stud of the sea. Captain Lee jokingly calls her out on it before, in a confessional, she gushes over having him back.

The captain also has a one-on-one reunion with chief stew Fraser Olender. They get right to business, discussing the Leigh-Ann and the charter guests coming soon.

Ahead of the guests arriving, Captain Lee has an official welcome back with all the crew, where he gives props to Captain Sandy for helping him out. In a confessional, the stud of the sea admitted it felt wrong to leave and revealed why he must return to end the season.

Leigh-Ann Smith shakes things up on the St. David

The addition of Leigh-Ann has Rachel overjoyed, especially since the guests want tropical cocktails, which Leigh-Ann is very good at. Rachel briefly chats with Leigh-Ann about what she’s thinking and praises the stews bar skills.

Later Hayley De Sola Pinto bonds with Leigh-Ann in their cabin, giving the newbie the lowdown on the crew. Hayley spills the tea on Ben’s boatmance with Camille Lamb, too, with Leigh-Ann commenting she’s in an interesting situation because she previously matched with Ben on Tinder.

Captain Lee Rosbach Returns! | Below Deck Sneak Peek (S10 E15) | Bravo

Not everyone is feeling Leigh-Ann. Fraser’s jealous side comes out in a confessional because of her experience as a chief stew. She has more experience than he does in the role, and he doubles down that it’s his boat.

However, Leigh-Ann is nothing but sweet as the crew eats before the charter guests arrive. This is Below Deck, though, so viewers can expect that to change as the rest of Season 10 plays out.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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