Below Deck Season 10: Here’s what happens in the first few minutes of the premiere

Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck Season 10
The wait is almost over for Captain Lee’s return to the small screen. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo has given Below Deck fans something to tide them over until Season 10 hits airwaves next week.

The network has teased the first four minutes of Below Deck Season 10 as Captain Lee Rosbach reconnects with two alums.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Fraser Olender makes history as the first male chief stew in the franchise.

Rachel Hargrove, who distanced herself from the show and Bravo this summer, is also back. The chef addressed the situation after news of her return was released.

Along with getting a glimpse at the previous cast members, the sneak peek gives Below Deck fans a glimpse at the new luxury yacht and crew members.

There’s also a stunning view of St. Lucia, the location for the new season.

Captain Lee Rosbach reunites with Fraser Olender and Rachel Hargrove

The footage kicks off with Fraser boarding the luxury yacht St. David. After making several comments regarding the size of the boat and its condition, Fraser heads to the wheelhouse to have a chat with Captain Lee.

Captain Lee gives Fraser words of encouragement, revealing he knows the new chief stew will shine. The captain was happy with Fraser’s performance on Below Deck Season 9.

Then a confessional has Fraser giving viewers an update on his life since he was last seen on the show.

In true Rachel fashion, she makes a grand, yet fun entrance. Captain Lee thrills the chef by spilling that Rachel gets her own cabin on this new big yacht. They have a brief exchange before the clip moves on.

Below Deck Season 10 sneak peek at new crew members

Bosun Ross McHarg arrives next, making his way to meet Captain Lee. In a confessional, Ross reveals he has nearly 11 years of yachting experience and that social dynamics are tricky for him.

Stew Alissa Humber shows up, with Fraser being the first person she meets. Fraser bonds with Alissa’s vibe before she admits in a confessional that her only goal in yachting is to make serious cash.

Hayley De Sola Pinto rounds out Fraser’s team. The fiery redhead arrives, then a confessional has her admitting the three things she loves about herself are “a**, tits, and hair.” She is bringing the heat for sure.

Deckhands Ben Willoughby and Katie Glaser board the yacht next with rather lackluster appearances. They both meet Ross quickly before the footage shifts to Luis Antonio “Tony” Duarte walking down the dock. Tony then gets to meet the rest of the deck team.

Fraser has a brief meeting with his stews that gives off happy vibes as Hayley and Alissa each like doing different aspects of the job. Below Deck fans, know that happiness won’t last long at all.

Camille Lamb rounds out the group as the deck stew and arrives last on the scene. The video clip ends with Camille meeting some of the group and Ross giving off Gary King from Below Deck Sailing Yacht vibes.

The sneak peek isn’t jammed packed with entertainment, but it does give a few teasers that make it clear the season will bring the drama, and some of the crew members are going to be a handful.

Below Deck Season 10 premieres on Monday, November 21 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Heidi Amison
Heidi Amison
1 year ago

So excited to see the show welcome back captain Lee