Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Gary King and Below Deck Med’s Dave White go shirtless in BravoCon show off

Gary King from Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Dave White from Below Deck Mediterranean.
Gary and Dave gave Below Deck fans something to talk about last weekend. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Gary King and Below Deck Mediterranean star chef Dave White went shirtless in a BravoCon show-off over the weekend.

It’s no secret that BravoCon took place last weekend, with several Below Deck stars taking on New York City for the fan event.

Several panels for the hit yachting franchise took place over the weekend, including one that had Daisy Kelliher and Gary causing a stir.

The panel also featured Dave’s current Below Deck Med costars Courtney Veale, Mzi “Zee” Dempers, and Kyle Viljoen, as well as Below Deck Down Under beauty Aesha Scott and Below Deck’s Fraser Olender.

However, Daisy wasn’t the only member of the Below Deck family that Gary got the audience riled up with.

There was a moment when Dave and Gary heated things up with separate strip teases.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Gary King takes it off for fans

Daisy used Instagram Stories to share a video originally shared by the account @abovedeckpod. In the footage, Gary gets up and begins taking off his shirt while dancing around on stage.

Gary dancing at BravoCon
Pic credit: @daisykelliher87/Instagram and @abovedeckpod/Instagram

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans will recall that Gary did a little strip tease during Season 3 when the charter guests asked the crew to do a talent show.

The Daily Dish also shared footage on Instagram Stories of Gary getting the audience riled up with his dancing skills. In true Gary fashion, he went all out with his long brown hair bouncing around.

Gary goes shirtless at Bravo
Pic credit: @bravodailydish/Instagram

Below Deck Mediterranean star chef Dave White goes shirtless at BravoCon panel

Below Deck fans in attendance at the panel of yachties mentioned above didn’t just get a little show from Gary, but Dave also got in on the action.

In a video shared by the official Bravo Instagram account, Dave can be seen standing up and acting much more chill than Gary. Dave didn’t dance around on stage, instead, he simply stood up and removed his shirt.

The chef was all smiles as he handed his blazer to Zee, who was also grinning from ear to ear. Once he was shirtless, Dave laughed as he held his shirt in his hand.

Daisy also shared an Instagram Story of a fan declaring that a shirtless Dave was the highlight of their day.

Daisy shares Dave dancing at BravoCon.
Pic credit: @daisykelliher87/Instagram

There’s no question that the Below Deck yachties had the best time at BravoCon. Not only did the ladies like Daisy Kelliher and Courtney Veale bring their fashion A-game, but Gary King and Dave White gave fans a little show.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock. Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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