Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers react to the crew so far

Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew Season 3
The crew of Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has fans talking on social media. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have already started to share their opinions on the cast of Season 3 and have been putting them on blast on social media.

Some crew members are getting better reviews than others, and Below Deck fans do not appear to have a shortage of drama to talk about after the second episode.

Whether fans have been admiring certain work ethics or observing and commenting on the sticky situations that have arisen, Below Deck viewer reactions on Twitter have been entertaining.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans give their thoughts on the Season 3 crew

As Season 3 of Sailing Yacht gets going, Twitter has been a platform where fans share their opinions on the crew.

One of the crew members at the top of most Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers’ lists is chef Marcos Spaziani who has been praised for his culinary skills, ability to keep cool in the kitchen, and for his positive attitude around the crew.

As one Sailing Yacht fan put it on Twitter, “I love that the #BelowDeck franchises have been hiring these amazing chefs that ALSO are amazing people. Keep it up!” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Marcos during an interview.

Another cast member that has made a splash is Ashley Marti, who has displayed her strong personality and has rubbed some Sailing Yacht viewers the wrong way.

One critic commented, “Ashley is the definition of NOT mature.. she s**t talks her co workers, doesn’t try to bond with her female co workers, throws herself at Gary, gets jealous over a dude that isn’t hers, makes explicit unwarranted sexual comments and acts like a complete floozy.”

Tweet about Ashley Marti
Pic credit: @realityqueennn/Instagram

With the mention of Ashley also comes the mention of deckhand Tom Pearson who has been put down by Ashley several times in his romantic pursuit of her.

One viewer gave Tom the warning, “Tom, she’s not worth it. Red flags all around.”

Tweet about Tom Pearson and Ashley Marti
Pic credit: @teresasforehea1/Twitter

Colin MacRae has reprised his position as Engineer on Parsifal III, and Sailing Yacht fans are happy about it. During Season 2, he was known to be the channel in which gossip was spread, and viewers think he may be up to his old ways again.

There was a fan who tweeted, “Colin is always ready to stir the pot, messy, messy, and I’m here for it!!!”

Tweet about Colin MacRae
Pic credit: @evylicious88/Twitter

Will the whole Below Deck Sailing Yacht crew make it to the end of the charter season?

As the trailer for this season depicted, there will be internal conflict among the interior crew, and it is unclear at this point how much the different hookups will play a part in the strife above and below deck.

If past seasons are any indication, crew members may leave the yacht when they are over the drama of the boat, are not happy in their job positions, or get fired for bad or negligent behavior.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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