Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher reveals she almost quit show, has message for new crew

Daisy Kelliher on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Seson 3
Daisy gets real about Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher has been a pivotal person on the hit sailing show since she joined in Season 2.

Daisy has seen her fair share of drama on the show, especially this past season.

The chief stew found herself in the middle of Gary King and Colin MacRae after having hooked up with both of them.

To be fair, Daisy openly got with Colin but vowed to keep her tryst with Gary secret until he spilled the beans.

It’s been a couple of months since all the drama unfolded, and now Daisy’s opening up with some advice for new crew members in the Below Deck family.

She’s also talking about how she nearly walked away from the yachting franchise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher reveals she almost quit show

There’s no question that being on Below Deck Sailing Yacht isn’t always easy. Speaking with the Daily Star, Daisy got real about those moments that have her thinking about leaving her reality TV gig behind.

“I think it’s like any job, I kind of have my tantrums on every season and then we wrap and I’m like: ‘I’m never doing this again!’ Or I turn up on the show and I’m like: ‘Why am I doing this?'” she shared.

One of those was definitely during Season 4 when Daisy kept getting a lot of criticism from Captain Glenn Shephard. Daisy even listed that as her low at the end of the season.

However, she hasn’t left. In fact, Daisy keeps coming back for more.

“Overall, the pros outweigh the cons. Otherwise I wouldn’t keep coming back!” the chief stew spilled.

Daisy was spotted filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 this summer, so she will be back on screen next year.

Along with opening up about quitting, Daisy shared some important advice to new crew members joining the Below Deck franchise.

Daisy Kelliher has a message for Below Deck Sailing Yacht new crew members

Speaking with ExpressUK, Daisy got candid about screwing the crew as she gave some sound advice to those entertaining in the Below Deck family.

“Just don’t screw the crew! It is very physically demanding and mentally demanding,” Daisy dished.

Considering what Daisy went through last season with Colin and Gary, the words should not surprise anyone. Daisy’s split with Colin also played out publicly on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 reunion.

The chief stew also admitted she gets concerned when she sees younger crew members coming on the show and hooking up.

“I see a lot of young people coming on the show, like 22 or 23 years old, which I find a bit concerning. I did it when I was 33, which I think was a good age,” she expressed.

Daisy Kelliher certainly has enough experience on Below Deck Sailing Yacht to share a warning with new crew members. She will be reunited with Colin MacRae at BravoCon in November for the first time since their very heated reunion face-off.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Gary King was supposed to be at the event but was recently removed amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-4 are streaming on Peacock.

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