Below Deck Sailing: Gary King shares his ‘Instagram vs reality’ situation

Gary King
Gary King found himself in an “Instagram vs reality” circumstance. Pic credit: TLC

Below Deck Sailing Yacht first mate Gary King has been a wildly popular character among fans for his sway with the ladies, work ethic, and charisma both on and off charter that has been entertaining to watch.

Gary has been in yachting for over a decade and often shares pictures on Instagram in exotic locales or doing fun and impressive things.

However, Gary gave a glimpse into the no-so-glamourous parts of his worldly job by sharing an “Instagram vs reality” situation he found himself in.

As a chief officer on superyachts, Gary has to wear many hats and oftentimes takes part in all aspects of the job regardless of his position.

This fact was demonstrated in Gary’s Instagram Stories where he shared a selfie video with a beautiful ocean and city background with no inkling of where he was posting from. He was shirtless with shades on and a smirk on his face, seemingly living his best life.

The video then panned, still in selfie mode, to what Gary was actually doing, which was hauling what appeared to be trash on a tender with another yachtie he shouted out. The caption above the video read, “Instagram vs reality.”

Gary King's Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @king_gk/Instagram

Gary King has developed a ladies man reputation in the Below Deck franchise

During Season 2 of Sailing Yacht, Gary got caught in a messy situation between his deckhand Sydney Zaruba and stewardess, Alli Dore.

Gary hooked up with Sydney the first night of the season and immediately regretted his decision, although it was already too late by that point because Sydney grew very attached to Gary.

Gary managed to tell Sydney that he wanted to pursue Alli, but it was painful to watch, and Gary and Alli did not last long anyways.

Gary came back for Season 3 saying that he was looking to settle down with the right woman, but his flirtatious ways got the better of him and he ended up kissing all the women on the yacht except for deckhand, Kelsie Goglia.

Can Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers expect to see Gary King again?

Season 3 of Below Deck Sailing just wrapped up airing in June and if the hit spinoff sticks to its usual schedule, filming should be wrapping up around now for Season 4.

Captain Glenn Shephard may have given a clue recently as to his participation on the show by saying in the caption of one of his selfie posts from a yacht, “One more week and I’m a free man.” He could have been referring to a possible commitment with Bravo.

In any case, the core four of the last two seasons of Sailing Yacht, Captain Glenn, Gary, Daisy Kelliher, and Colin MacRae, were popular among viewers. However, it may not be possible to have them all together again due to changing life circumstances and commitments.

Fortunately for viewers, Gary has already expressed interest in continuing in the franchise. Gary is also very close to Captain Glenn and the pair appear to still connect so that could also be a good sign.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus. Season 1-3 is streaming on Peacock.

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