Below Deck: Rayna Lindsey teases Season 9 ‘ends abruptly,’ talks bad edit, reunion, and costars

Rayna Lindsey is spilling the tea on Below Deck Season 9 after racial slur drama.
Rayna isn’t holding back speaking her truth after Heather said the N-word on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Rayna Lindsey teases that Season 9 ends abruptly, talks bad editing and the reunion shows, and disses her costars.

The most recent episode of Below Deck Season 9 has kicked off a new level of off-screen drama. It all started with Heather Chase saying the N-word on the Bravo show.

Heather did apologize via an Instagram post, but Below Deck fans didn’t buy it. Rayna slammed Bravo, Eddie Lucas, and Captain Lee Rosbach after the episode for their lack of handling the situation.

Bravo has yet to address the incident, which has Below Deck viewers in an uproar. However, Captain Lee did speak about the situation.

Now, as the hot topic continues to blow up social media, Rayna had more tea to spill on what’s to come on the hit-yachting show.

Rayna Lindsey teases Below Deck Season 9 end abruptly

In an Instagram Q&A session, Rayna didn’t hold back answering fan questions with her blunt truth.

The deckhand admitted that things get worse after the season is over. Rayna also shared that she got a crappy edit because she was afraid to be herself during filming.

Rayna Lindsey gets real about Below Deck editing.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

One user wanted to know if a Below Deck Season 9 reunion was in the works. The deckhand said yes and promised to air all the dirty laundry. Another fan asked if the season ended abruptly or properly.

Rayna teases Below Deck ends suddenly.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

Below Deck Season 8 ended suddenly because the coronavirus pandemic was taking over the world. Rayna didn’t share how Season 9 ends, but it sounds like Below Deck viewers are in for another shocking ending.

What did Rayna say about her Below Deck Season 9 costars?

The deckhand was also asked why the other crew members remained silent regarding Heather using a racial slur. While Rayna said most of them are looking out for themselves, she did give chef Rachel Hargrove props for being a real person.

Rayna Lindsey disses Below Deck Season 9 crew members.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

Although Rayna didn’t mention her in the Q&A session, Jessica Albert did use social media to give Rayna a shout-out as a good friend amid all the Heather drama.

Before ending her session, Rayna let Below Deck fans know that PR is trying to silence her. She didn’t mention Bravo by name, but it’s a safe bet the network doesn’t want her giving out any season spoilers.

Rayna says she is being silenced.
Pic credit: @raynalindsey/Instagram

There’s still plenty of Below Deck Season 9 to play out. Thanks to Rayna Lindsey, Below Deck fans know drama is coming on the hit yachting show, including a not-so-smooth ending.

As the season unfolds on-screen, Rayna remains focused on her life since filming. The deckhand is one month sober and speaking out on her sobriety journey.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.