Below Deck producer addresses scripted rumors and cast pay

Below Deck producer talks hit yachting show.
More tea is being spilled about the Below Deck franchise. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck producer Mark Cronin has addressed two of the hottest topics surrounding the hit yachting franchise.

The series has been on for nearly a decade, with Season 10 of the OG Below Deck hitting airwaves this fall.

Five spin-offs have emerged in the franchise. Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Below Deck Down Under, Galley Talk, and the upcoming Below Deck Adventure.

There are two things Below Deck fans are always asking when it comes to the franchise, regardless of the show.

Below Deck fans constantly ask if the show’s scripted and just how much money the cast makes each season.

Mark has spilled the tea on both those topics.

Below Deck producer Mark Cronin addresses cast pay

Last spring Eddie Lucas dropped the bomb that Below Deck cast members were paid the least out of all Bravo stars. In an interview with Us Weekly, Mark broke down the pay scale for all cast members.

“They get paid their yachting salary and then we give them a little extra because we interview them. The truth is they also get to keep their tips,. And the tips are getting better and better. So they’re all making, I don’t know, tens of thousands more for six weeks of work. I mean that’s pretty great,” he expressed to the weekly magazine.

Mark also revealed there’s a negotiation process for returning cast members. However, he didn’t go into details about those talks.

The producer also didn’t address where the Below Deck cast falls in terms of the Bravo pay scale.

What did Below Deck producer Mark Cronin say about claims the show is scripted?

Mark also spoke about the speculation that Below Deck and the spin-offs are scripted. It’s a question that’s addressed pretty much every time something crazy happens on the show.

The producer was crystal clear none of the Below Deck shows are scripted because production wants crew members to have a real yachting experience. Mark did admit that at times, some slight direction is given.

“If we say anything to them about how they could help us out or be better it’s, ‘please talk.’ The most common thing is the, like, you’ll have two stews making a bed and they’re in total silence. So, we’ll go the cameraman and say, ‘Guys how about a conversation?’ And then we’ll leave,” he explained to the magazine.

The reaction is on point with what Below Deck Sailing Yacht producer Jill Goslicky said about the show. It also aligns with what Bravo’s Vice President of Current Production, Josh Brown, said as speculation about the being scripted mounted during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5.

Well, there it is Below Deck fans more answers to rumors the franchise is scripted, and more insight into the cast pay.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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1 year ago

I think all the Below Decks have seen better days. Time to give it up. While never riveting TV it was interesting to see all the places they visited. Now it’s just drunk guests and crew members. Who needs that???

1 year ago

Saying “they get their yachting salary and tips” is disingenuous. The various Housewives also get their compensation, outside of Bravo TV paychecks, for their various gigs. But how much the Housewives are making on pimping-their-wares has little to no impact on how much they’re getting paid by Production.

1 year ago

The only ‘conversations’ had by the girls when making a bed is to bi*ch about other crew members, so I guess “Have a conversation” is code for ‘bi*ch session’ !