Below Deck Med’s Hannah Ferrier becomes hilarious, and an expert faller, when she’s drunk

Hannah Ferrier smiling on Below Deck Med and an inset of her fallen on the floor
Hannah grins after a few drinks on last night’s Below Deck Med and, inset, one of her tumbles

If there’s one person we’d love to go on a night out with from the Below Deck Mediterranean crew, it’s Hannah Ferrier.

Give her a Jaeger bomb and she turns into a cheeky four-year-old and, as demonstrated in last night’s episode, an expert faller.

After walking home with Adam from a night out she managed to take a tumble not once but twice — including one time nearly down the side of the boat and into the sea.

The other time she fell like a lead weight off a kitchen surface, resulting with a close encounter with the floor.

A sure fire sign she probably didn’t need any more to drink was when she was tasked with getting another one after her and Adam got back to the boat.

Her chosen combination? Grey Goose vodka and Kahlua. As Adam said: “Barf!”

The giggle-enducing wisecracks then started coming, leaving Adam not really sure what to make of them.

“Where’s my popcorn?” he asked. “Right up your bum hole”, she replied. ?

Hannah is currently in NYC filming the show’s first ever season reunion.

Read our full recap of this week’s Below Deck Mediterranean here.

The Below Deck Mediterranean finale airs next Tuesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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