Below Deck Med’s Elena Dubaich: Who is the stew replacing Kyle Viljoen?

Elena Dubaich on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7.
There’s a new stew on Below Deck Mediterranean for the final charter. Pic credit: Bravo

Warning this article contains spoilers from Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 19 with early access on Peacock.

Below Deck Mediterranean’s new stew Elena Dubaich has stepped in to replace Kyle Viljoen after the latter hurt his foot.

Kyle addressed fans last week once it was revealed his tumble down the steps caused him to leave the Home yacht ahead of the final charter.

Elena came aboard to finish out the season.

The new stew quickly caught the eye of deckhand Reid Jenkins while Natasha Webb and Natalya Scudder frantically trained the blonde beauty.

Below Deck Med fans didn’t really get the chance to know Elena, as she was kind of like Delaney Evans from Season 6 and only on the show for a hot minute.

Who is Below Deck Mediterranean stew Elena Dubaich?

Elena hails from Solvenia and can speak several languages. According to her Bravo bio, Elena has been passionate about learning new languages since she was a child and still makes time to learn new languages today.

The blonde beauty is also very passionate about traveling the world, so after earning a bachelor’s degree in English, Elena began looking for a job that would allow her to do that. Elena attended massage school, taking classes in London, Stockholm, and Bangkok.

After taking her skills to a cruise ship, she also learned how to teach yoga and meditation classes as she worked her way up to spa manager. Elena loved her career, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything for her.

Elena was forced to shift gears and began working as a spa stewardess on luxury yachts. She hopes to one day open her own massage school in various parts of the world.

Elena Dubaich thanks Below Deck Med fans for kind words

Although fans watching on Bravo are just now being introduced to Elena, those watching on Peacock have already seen her two-episode stint. Elena’s very funny, but she doesn’t make the best impression when she oversleeps and is late for her first day of work.

Taking to Instagram, Elena thanked fans for the kind words as she reshared one of her Tweets in a new video.

“Thank you for all the kind comments and massages everybody, it means a lot! ??” was the caption on her Instagram Post.

She also shared another post of her with her official Below Deck Med Season 7 cast photo encouraging her followers to tune into the show.

“Finishing the season on a high note ??,” Elena wrote.

Elena Dubaich has joined Below Deck Med Season 7 as the new stew taking over for Kyle Viljoen for the final episodes of the season.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c with early access on Peacock.

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