Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 air date: When will show premiere in 2019?

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4, image shows the cast standing in a harbour
Below Deck Mediterranean has just wrapped season 3, but is season 4 being filmed? Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean, a spin-off of Below Deck from Bravo, documents the lives of crew members who work on a luxury charter. While the first season was filmed in Greece, the second season took place in Croatia and the third season in Italy.

The third season of the show has just come to an end, wrapping up on September 11 with a reunion special episode. While Bravo has yet to announce anything about a fourth season, we predict that a fourth season of the show will return in May 2019.

The three previous seasons have all premiered in May, and usually within the first two weeks of the month. Currently there’s no reason to believe that the show will be pushed to a later release date.

Another reason why Below Deck Mediterranean will probably come back to Bravo is the viewership. The ratings have been solid throughout the season, which is something that often plays a role in whether a show gets renewed.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a spin-off from Below Deck featuring Captain Lee Rosbach. Captain Lee has filmed the show for years and he admits that being on this kind of reality show while catering to guests on the yacht isn’t always easy. He has written a memoir called Running Against The Tide: True Tales from the Stud of the Sea, where he reveals that it isn’t always fun to be filmed while working.

“Sometimes, of course, the camera was right there even when you had moments when you wish they weren’t,” Captain Lee reveals in his book, referencing a time where they suspected that the guests had brought cocaine onto the boat.

“It was a tough situation to be in. On the one hand, we want clients to be happy. On the other hand, I don’t want my boat to get boarded by the Coast Guard, and I don’t want to go to jail for 25 years. I made the decision to kick them off the boat,” he writes.

Below Deck Mediterranean is expected to return in May 2019.

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