Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1 ends with the ultimate bang

Bobby lets rip at the girls as Jen hits back, saying “are you f**king kidding me?”

Below Deck Mediterranean has been one hell of a ride — and there’s no letting up in tonight’s Season 1 finale as the crew have a night out before their final charter on the Ionian Princess.

With the drink flowing things kick off when Bobby goes totally ballistic, yelling a big “f**k you” to all the girls. But deckhand Jen isn’t standing for it and confronts him while Bryan step in to keep her away.

Bryan steps in to keep Jen away from Bobby while Julia holds her back
But Julia is left in tears after the heated confrontation, before telling Bobby to get off the boat

Bryan has to stand in the way to stop Jen getting at Bobby, and Julia is left in tears as she steps in to try and calm things down, saying: “Get me off this f**king looney bin!”

She then yells at Bobby to leave the boat, which he duly does along with Bryan who tells him it’s not his fault and calls the girls “peanut butter and jelly”.

Below Deck Mediterranean season finale preview

Also on tonight’s episode, Bobby is forced to say sorry for his actions, and the girls take it upon themselves to give Bryan a talking to.

Meanwhile the last charter following the crew’s bust-up features a demanding group of all-male guests.

Not when you need when you’re totally knackered after all the crew has already been through.

It’s then time for the crew to say their farewells to the Ionian Princess, but only after a few final feelings have been laid bare.

Below Deck Mediterranean season finale preview 2

Watch the Below Deck Season 1 finale tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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