Below Deck Mediterranean recap: The Chef Adam has turned the yacht into McDonald’s edition

Captain Sandy confronts Adam about using onions on Below Deck Mediterranean

Chef Adam is just way too obsessed with onions, and it’s causing problems on Below Deck Mediterranean.

The primary charter guest, Kenny, hates onions.

In fact, three guests requested “no onions” on their preference sheets.

But Adam has served them onions practically every meal. Because he knows better than the people paying him.

Hannah and Adam are snarking at each other in the galley, and he suggests that Bugsy would be a better Chief Stew.

“This is a really low blow from Adam. I have to work with both of them and I don’t want to be caught in any of their issues,” Bugsy says.

Hannah’s pissed that Adam didn’t respect her rank in front of Bugsy. I don’t blame her. He’s a total jerk.

While the guests are picnicking at the waterfall, Hannah and Wes go shopping for LOTS more alcohol because these guests are setting records on vodka consumption.

Hannah and Wes go shopping for more alcohol, and she tells him what Adam’s been doing

Hannah tells Wes what Adam’s been up to.

“Adam’s turning out to be an ogre on the inside,” Wes says.

Meanwhile, Adam spends his time at the waterfall chasing Malia around. But at least he didn’t serve the guests onions.

Malia and Adam got cozy during a walk at the waterfalls

“I’m honestly getting to know two very different guys and there’s something attractive about each other them,” Malia is either dumb or naïve. Or both.

She can’t have Adam and Wes at the same time. It’s a small boat and this is going to bite her in the a**.

Adam says the primary guests rubbed him the wrong way, and that’s why he’s screwing with their food. He thinks the guests are rednecks.

“You can’t have lentil soup without some onions in it. So I’m going to chuck some onions in it,” Adam says, as he disregards the primary charter guests request for the second night in a row.

Then maybe you shouldn’t make lentil soup, right?

“I’m hoping tonight’s meal goes without a hitch,” Hannah says.

The guests are suspicious there are onions in the soup, but they don’t say anything to Hannah about it.

Primary charter guest Kenny knows there are onions in his lentil soup

“Even though the guests are happy with Adam, I’m still not,” Hannah says.

Don’t worry, Hannah. Kenny’s not happy with Chef Adam.

Max is a little sh** stirrer.

He asks Malia if she’s written off Bobby, and she’s not mean about it, so Max goes and tells Bobby he still has a chance. WTF?

Max has gotta be doing this for his own entertainment. But there’s enough drama with that girl already.

“I don’t want to regret never knowing that she wanted nothing to do with me, or maybe she did,” Bobby says.

So he tells Malia what Max told him. She’s tells him she doesn’t want Lauren’s sloppy seconds, but she does it too nicely.

“My chances aren’t dead!” Bobby totally misreads Malia’s signals, and thinks he’ll live to fight another day on this one. So sad to watch.

Late night, one of the guests falls asleep while taking a poop, and Hannah has to go find somebody to deal with him.

A charter guest falls asleep while using the toilet

“Grandpa Greg always takes a nap on the toilet,” a guest explains.

Over breakfast, the guests talk about their dissatisfaction with the food on the charter.

“I guess our standards – I guess maybe the bar has been set too high,” the primary charter guest says, referring to their trip last season.

It’s totally Adam’s fault for ignoring their requests, and being lazy in his breakfast presentations.

The next morning, the crew creates an obstacle course for the guests.

The crew creates an obstacle course to entertain the charter guests

“If we win, Max has to take his pants off,” one of the female guests suggests.

The obstacle course is hilarious, and both teams play aggressively. They tie, when both teams go down the slide at the same time for the finish.

The competition ends in a tie when both teams slide to the finish together

Captain Sandy greets the happy guests back aboard with shots.

“Great job, except for the onions in the food,” primary guest Kenny tells Captain Sandy.

Captain Sandy’s face when dealing with Chef Adam’s onion debacle

Her face is a combination of OMG, WTF, and somebody’s gonna die.

She heads to the galley to talk to Adam.

“Are you putting onion in their food?” Sandy asks Adam.

“Yeah, I did cook with onion,” Adam admits, but he lies about using onion in the lentil soup.

“It was just the first night,” Adam lies.

Chef Adam lies to Captain Sandy’s face when she asks him about using onions

“I’m going to hope that it was a mistake,” the captain says, but she knows he’s shadypants.

“I’m pretty sure that f***ing soup had onions in it last night,” the primary tells Bugsy.

Then Kenny complains to Hannah about onions in the soup the night before.

The rest of the crew finds out what Adam has been up to.

“Yeah, I put onions in the soup,” Adam tells Hannah, when she confronts him.

“Even when the guests sent the food back twice the night before?” Hannah asks, appalled.

“I thought it was funny,” Adam says.

He tells her that if she tells the primary the truth about the onions in the soup, she’ll ruin their tip. Like onions in the food are her fault. NOT!

“Hannah sees this as a moment to chuck me under the bus,” Adam whines. You deserve it, dude.

“Yeah, it was just that first night. He really put me off. I didn’t like the way he was talking,” Adam tries to explain why he’s been so incredibly unprofessional.

“The fact that Adam has lied directly to Sandy’s face makes me sick,” Hannah says.

So she goes up and tells the captain EXACTLY what’s going on in her galley.

Chief Stew Hannah spills the beans to Captain Sandy about everything Adam’s been doing

“My issue is that he went out of his way to put onions in the food on the second night… because he thought it would be funny,” Hannah tells Sandy.

“I should fire Adam,” Sandy says in interview.

Hannah unloads to the captain about how crappy Adam has been treating her in front of her staff.

“This directly affects the guests. I had no choice but to take it to Sandy,” Hannah says. I agree.

“If this affects the tip, I need the rest of the crew to know he sabotaged us,” Hannah says.

And his crewmates aren’t happy with the news.

“This side of Adam is not one that I thought existed,” Malia says, when she hears about it.

When they line up to say goodbye to the charter guests, Kenny unloads on them like I’ve never seen before at this stage of the charter.

Chef Adam’s face as the primary charter guest calls him useless in front of the crew

“Adam, on the inside, you know I don’t like onions. I felt like we breached that a couple of times. I think, Captain, that if there’s one thing I would suggest to the crew, we had the same breakfast every day. But inside, Hannah’s crew made everyone look good,” Kenny says, handing a tip envelope to Captain Sandy

The captain isn’t pleased as she gathers them for a crew meeting.

“I went ahead and added some onions to the soup out of spite,” Adam tells everybody. The captain asks to meet with him separately.

“I didn’t know he f***ing deliberately did it,” Bobby tells Max he thinks the captain should fire Adam.

Captain Sandy asks Adam what he was thinking.

“I hope I didn’t cause too much trouble,” Adam says.

Are you kidding?

He tells her yet another convoluted lie that contradicts the two previous stories he’s told her.

“It’s soup. It needed to taste good,” Adam says.

Then she tells him he’s not in uniform, and dismisses him.

“I want to fire Adam but I can’t find a chef mid-season in Croatia,” Captain Sandy says.

Where’s Chef Ben when we need him?

The crew goes out to dinner.

Adam says he doesn’t feel like going out since he’s pissed everybody off, but he needs to start making up for it and be part of the team.

He offers to give his share of the tip to his crewmates.

“Money can’t solve being a dick,” Wes says.

“It takes some nerve to admit to your whole crew that you messed up,” Malia says.

She’s looking for any way to let him off the hook for this.

At dinner, Hannah unloads to Lauren about how Bugsy has gotten a big head since her tiff with Adam.

Poor Bugsy, this isn’t her fault.

Adam leaves early because he can tell everybody’s pissed at him.

And Malia follows Adam back to the boat.

“You’re running back to save that guy after what he’s done?” Wes says. He’s not interested anymore.

“I came back to check on you,” Malia tells Adam, and everyone watching threw up in their mouths just a little bit.

Next week, Malia gets in even deeper with Chef “Shadypants” Adam. And Captain Sandy says Adam is sooo fired if he screws up again.

Best line of the night

“You don’t f*** with people’s food, that’s sh** they do at McDonald’s,” Bobby rants.

Things we’re left wondering

Will anybody hire Chef Adam to be anything but a line cook after seeing this show? Oh wait, even line cooks have to be able to follow directions. He’s unemployable.

Is Malia looking at herself and cringing as each episode airs?

When will Bobby give up on Malia? Girl has enough problems without adding some Bobby-style emotional chaos to her life.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.