Below Deck Mediterranean: Flood of tears as Julia and Ben have breakdowns

Ben speaking to Julia on Below Deck Mediterranean
Ben speaking to Julia on Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean is a flood of tears on tonight’s episode — as Ben and Julia get at each other’s throats leaving both suffering minor breakdowns.

The pair clash over, of all things, croissants — before a class war erupts with Ben feeling he’s been branded a “silver-spooned brat” by Julia.

After the crispy French breakfast snack crisis Julia has to be comforted in her cabin, and can’t hold back the tears as she says: “It’s all getting too much. Ben’t a f*****g twat. People think I’m sweet and nice, but there’s only so much someone can take.”

Meanwhile it all gets too much for Ben as he seeks solace in Hannah, after Julia brought up his privileged upbringing — and obviously touches a deep-seated nerve.

He starts weeping as he says: “It dragged up a past emotion of mine, and just kind of screwed me over. I respect everyone on this boat and it just kind of upsets me that someone would think that of me.

“I left home very young and did everything my self, you know. It’s really f****d me over, basically.”

Also on tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean, the challenging guests decide to stay longer and Hannah tries her best to get back in their good books.

Meanwhile, Danny gets his phone back from Captain Mark Howard, which gets Bryan focused.

Watch Below Deck Mediterranean Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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