Below Deck Mediterranean exclusive: Colin tells Brooke he has feelings for her

Colin and Brooke on Below Deck Med
Colin on this week’s Below Deck Med and, inset, Brooke’s face as he tells her how he feels about her

A new love triangle could be forming on Below Deck Mediterranean tonight — as Colin finally tells Brooke he has feelings for her!

The cute moment comes late at night once the charter guests have gone to bed and Colin is talking to Brooke in the cabin area.

He struggles to find words when asked by Brooke if he’s looking forward to going home, and if he’s enjoyed his time on the boat.

He says: “Well, there’s always pros and cons to everything, you know?” Trying to tell her how he feels, he then adds nervously: “Um…umm…no, I’m not going to do this here.”

“Do what?” Brooke asks. He replies: “Because, look, you know, the thing I had was like, um…well no, so like I thought, so, anyway, but like…”

Colin then finally manages to get it out of himself, as he tells her: “So, since like the first week, I’ve had like a thing for you!”

Brooke, who has been in a romance with lead deckhand Joao, called him out for flirting last week — and with Colin now telling her how he feels, it doesn’t look like things are going to get less complicated any time soon.

This week’s episode of Below Deck Med also sees a self-proclaimed group of “Daddy’s Girls” arrive on board as the final charter of the season. Meanwhile, Hannah and Conrad have to deal with their break-up, and Joao admits something shocking to Kasey which could cause even more complications!

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo.

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