Below Deck Mediterranean cast: Meet the Season 2 crew, aboard the Sirocco

The Below Deck Season 2 cast, making up the crew of the Sirocco
The Below Deck Season 2 cast, who make up the crew of the Sirocco

Below Deck Mediterranean is back for a second sailing! And there’s some big changes for Season 2 — with seven new cast members joining the nine-person crew.

There’s also a whole new superyacht, the 154ft Sirocco, after we exclusively told how last year’s boat the Ionian Princess was put up for sale.

And while the 2016 season took place in Greece, this year Below Deck Mediterranean is headed to Croatia.

The only remaining castmates from the show’s initial run are Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier and deckhand Bobby Giancola.

Without further ado, let’s meet the Season 2 crew…

Sandy Yawn, Captain

Sandy on Below Deck Mediterranean
Sandy has been in the industry for nearly three decades so knows what’s what

Sandy has more than 27 years on boats under her belt, and has worked across the globe.

She is one of just a few female captains in the industry — and is a tough cookie, having survived everything from cancer to being chased by pirates.

You can check her out and keep up with her latest goings-on on her Twitter.

Adam Glick, Chef

Adam on on Below Deck Mediterranean
Adam is a big surfer and has ambitions beyond working in the yachting industry

When not on boats, Adam is a free spirit, living in a van and surfing whenever he can.

He has been working on yachts for the past decade but hopes to one day open a chain of taco stands — by the beach, obviously.

He regularly posts pics of him at work and play on his Instagram, and you can also keep up with him on Twitter.

Hannah Ferrier, Chief Stew

Hannah on Below Deck Mediterranean
Hannah is known to fans from Season 1 and is all about work hard, play hard

Ozzie Hannah returns from Season 1, but it’s actually her seventh season as a Chief Stew in the industry.

She’s all for working hard and likes to keep her boat to the highest standards, but also likes to let her hair down. She says she wants to have a “softer approach” to managing the crew this season.

You can she’s what she’s been getting up to lately and check out pics of her on her Instagram. She’s also on Twitter and Facebook.

Christine “Bugsy” Drake, Second Stew

Bugsy on Below Deck Mediterranean
Christine has had a break from yachting, and used to be a chief stew

Bugsy is from South Africa and used to work as a chief stew, but has spent some time off boats to try and give herself some TLC, and said before the season started that she was more than happy to be second stew on the Sirocco as it means less pressure.

Find out more about her and see some of her pics on her Instagram.

Lauren Cohen, Third Stew

Lauren on Below Deck Mediterranean
Lauren used to be an NFL cheerleader before she got into yachting

Lauren hasn’t always lived the Below Deck life, and used to work as a cheerleader in the NFL before spending a year working in the Hamptons.

She’s a glass half full kind of person, and likes to keep people entertained.

She’s pretty active on Twitter, and you can also see her latest photos on Instagram.

Bobby Giancola, Deckhand

Bobby on Below Deck Mediterranean
Bobby was a big character from the first season of Below Deck Med, and is back for more

Bobby, the second returnee from Season 1, and a memorable one at that — after his crush on fellow crew member Julia became a main part of the storyline.

He also had a memorable clash with Danny after he called him Bryan’s “butt buddy”.

He’s still looking for the love of his life, but says he’ll be much more focused on work this season.

Bobby’s big on the socials having already been on the show once already. Check him out on his Insta, Twitter and Facebook.

Wesley Walton, Bosun

Wesley on Below Deck Mediterranean
Wesley is a born leader and has always excelled at things he’s put his mind to

Wesley is a bit of a brain-box, with a degree in economics and environmental.

He’s always been a high-flier, and not just in class, but in everything from sports to chess.

He grew up in South Africa, and became bosun when he was just 25.

He’s on Instagram — although his account was set to private at the time of writing — as well as Facebook.

Malia White, Deckhand

Malia on Below Deck Mediterranean
Malia is small on stature — she’s just 5ft tall — but big on personality

As Captain Sandy being the exception shows, yachting is a male-dominated industry.

So there’s no better way to prepare for it than to have five older brothers, like Malia did growing up.

She’s also just 5ft tall, so has had to learn how to stand up for herself in other ways.

She’s new to the yachting scene, but is a certified dive master so is used to working on boats.

She’s single, but says she’s not in a rush to find a long-term partner anytime soon.

Check her out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Max Hagley, Deckhand

Max on Below Deck Mediterranean
Max is what’s known as a “cheeky chappie” in Britain

Brit Max is a big party-goer, and enjoyed a stint as a bartender in European party capital Ibiza.

He’s always cracking the jokes, and while he’s never worked on a superyacht before, he’s a big believer in faking it till you make it.

You can find him on Facebook.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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