Below Deck Med: Tumi Mhlongo reveals regret about trusting Kyle Viljoen

Tumi Mhlongo on Below Deck Med Season 8
Tumi has spilled some tea. Pic credit: Bravo

Tumi Mhlongo has shared a Below Deck Med regret that really shouldn’t surprise fans at all.

Season 8 of Below Deck Med has been drama-filled for the new chief stew.

After missing the first charter because of visa issues, Tumi took on her new role only to clash with Natalya Scudder almost immediately.

The dynamic hasn’t changed much, and adding Kyle Viljoen into the mix has only stirred the pot more.

Kyle has taken on the haters for his involvement in the Natalya and Tumi drama amid a slew of backlash.

Now Tumi has spilled some tea on how she feels about listening to Kyle.

Tumi Mhlongo reveals regret about trusting Kyle Viljoen on Below Deck Med

A Below Deck Redditt thread captured a picture of a tweet from Tumi that speaks volumes, especially about her friend Kyle.

“One thing I regret is trusting Kyle !! Point blank period I will own that,” she wrote.

Tumi reveals Kyle regret
Pic credit: r/belowdeck/Reddit

Tumi didn’t elaborate on her thoughts. In fact, it appears she has deleted it from Twitter because it’s no longer in any of her tweets or replies.

Could this tweet mean that friction arises between Kyle and Tumi before Season 8 ends?

Below Deck Med fans will have to just to find out. What we do know is that Captain Sandy Yawn has lost her patience with both Tumi and Natalya.

Perhaps they get fired, and Kyle takes over the chief stew role like he’s always wanted. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kyle was dragged for meddling and for his dream to become a chief stew.

Tumi hasn’t just revealed her thoughts on trusting Kyle. The chief stew has taken responsibility for her behavior on the show.

Below Deck Med star Tumi Mhlongo takes ownership of her behavior

One Twitter user put Tumi on the spot for firing off the text to Kyle after her first fight with Natalya. The chief stew owned her actions.

“I’m owning it !! And we are human !!” Tumi tweeted.

Tumi takes responsibility
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

Another one called Tumi out for stabbing Natalya in the back and stated that karma would get Tumi.

“2000% hence why I’m owning it :) ” she expressed.

Tumi owns her actions
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

Tumi isn’t letting the haters or the narrative get to her, either. The Below Deck Down Under alum knows her truth, and she told Twitter just that.

Tumi knows her truth
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

This isn’t the first time that Tumi has stood her ground either. Tumi has defended her actions from the moment she first appeared on Below Deck Med Season 8.

Stay tuned because this season just keeps bringing the drama, and Tumi Mhlongo remains right in the middle of it all.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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9 months ago

Tumi, like most of her kind, has a chip on her shoulder. And, because of it, she was unnecessarily rude to Natalya in their first conversation about the boat.