Below Deck Med spoilers: The fallout of Captain Sandy calling out Kyle, Natalya leaving, and Max’s bombshell

Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck Med Season 8
Captain Sandy has had it with Kyle. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med spoilers for Season 8 tease the aftermath of a dramatic crew night out and weeks of drama on the Mustique yacht.

The most recent episode of the hit yachting show left off with Captain Sandy Yawn laying into Kyle Viljoen after learning his behavior caused Natalya Scudder to leave.

Captain Sandy learned about Natalya and, because of chef Jack Luby, was informed of Kyle going in on Max Salvador.

Thanks to Bravo, Below Deck Med fans can get a jump start on the next episode.

That includes learning what happens between Captain Sandy and Kyle, so stop reading if you don’t want to know.

The fallout of Natalya leaving and Max revealing to Luka Brunton that he’s done after the next charter are also front and center in the sneak peek.

Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy Yawn puts Kyle Viljoen on blast

In the preview clip, the episode picks up right where it left off, with Captain Sandy going in on Kyle. She lets him have it, making it clear the common denominator in the crew drama is him.

Kyle sits there listening as Captain Sandy promises she will dump him on the dock if he doesn’t change. Captain Sandy calls out his bullying and yelling, making it clear all of it needs to stop, or he’ll be fired.

Then she tells him to get out because she’s had enough of him. Kyle sulks back to his cabin, telling chief stew Tumi Mhlongo that he’s resigning because he is upset over being called the common denominator of the crew’s problems.

Tumi manages to convince him to stay. However, in her confessional, Tumi admits she sees what Captain Sandy is talking about regarding Kyle.

Things are tense between chef Jack and Kyle, who don’t even acknowledge each other when the stew walks through the galley. Later via his confessional, Jack doesn’t hold back sharing his true feelings about the stew.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kyle recently addressed the difficult season he had on Below Deck Med.

Meanwhile, Captain Sandy gets the good news that Natalya’s replacement will arrive before the next charter.

Unfortunately, the captain soon discovers that she’s about to be down another crew member.

Max Salavdor’s impending Below Deck Med exit

Luka spills the beans to Haleigh Gorman and Lara Du Preez that Max plans to leave after the next charter, which Below Deck Med fans learn is a short one.

They are stunned to learn he isn’t finishing the season, especially since they finally found their groove working together.

Lara has a chat with Max to suggest he loop in Captain Sandy on his impending departure. The next day, Max does, and she’s shocked.

Captain Sandy pleads with him to stay for the final couple of weeks; otherwise, the crew will be down a member for the rest of the season. Max agrees to think about staying.

It’s a pretty jam-packed sneak peek Bravo gave Below Deck Med fans. Be sure to tune in to see how the rest of the episode plays out.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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6 months ago

As far as I’m concerned, Tumi is also a problem and a pot stirer. She just manages to mask it better than some of the others.