Below Deck Med: Malia White reflects on reporting Hannah Ferrier for Valium, reveals biggest regret about it

Malia White opens up about turning Hannah Ferrier in for Valium on Below Deck Med.
It may surprise some fans but Malia does have one regret about turning Hannah in for Valium on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Malia White’s reflecting on reporting Hannah Ferrier for having Valium and revealed her biggest regret about it.

There is no question that Hannah’s firing on Below Deck Med Season 5 was one of the most dramatic in the series history. Outraged fans blasted Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia for their actions.

The anger even spilled over into Season 6. However, as Lexi Wilson’s behavior continues to baffle viewers, some have started to see Malia in a new light.

Hot on the heels of Hannah using a salty comment to reference her firing, Malia has shed some light regarding how the incident truly made her feel.

Malia White reflects on reporting Hannah Ferrier for Valium on Below Deck Med

In an interview with Us Weekly, Malia opened up about reporting Hannah to Captain Sandy. The bosun stands by her decision to turn in Hannah for not declaring her Valium and having a CBD vape pen.

“I don’t regret doing my job, but I do regret how I handled it,” Malia explained.

Hannah has insisted she had a prescription for Valium and that CBD was legal in Spain. Malia has expressed the issue wasn’t that Hannah had the medication but was her not disclosing she had the drugs on the luxury yacht.

It has been a year since the incident played out onscreen, and Malia came under fire. The bosun is looking back on the drama and has revealed her biggest regret about the situation with Hannah.

“I do have regrets with how everything went down last season, but I don’t have a regret having to do my job,” Malia stated. “I would have maybe tried to stay out of it a little bit more because as a bosun you don’t want to get involved with crew things. But you’re in that spot where you are directly under the captain.”

Malia faces a new Below Deck Med feud

Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean has proven to be good and bad for Malia. She has the best deck team in Mzi “Zee” Dempers, David Pascoe, and Lloyd Spencer.

However, Malia also found herself embroiled in another feud, thanks to Lexi. The stew lashed out at Malia during a drunk crew night out, even calling the bosun fake. Malia believes that Lexi had already formed an opinion of her prior to filming the yachting show.

Unlike with Hannah, though, Malia hasn’t endured as much backlash from her actions with Lexi. The latter has been under fire for her behavior, which Lexi says she deserves a raise for because of her carrying the show.

Malia White from Below Deck Med has admitted she regrets the way she handled reporting Hannah Ferrier for Valium.

Has your opinion of Malia changed?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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