Below Deck Med: Malia White and David Pascoe share happy crew memories amid Season 6 drama

: Malia White and David Pascoe share happy Below Deck Med memories from filming.
It wasn’t all drama for the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean stars Malia White and David Pascoe have shared happy crew memories amid Season 6 drama involving Lexi Wilson and chef Mathew Shea.

The most recent episode featured yet another crew dinner ruined thanks to Mathew and Lexi. Their behavior led to an awkward situation for the Lady Michelle crew. Nothing worked, though, and the drama exploded.

Only a hand full of episodes remain in Season 6. David and Malia want Below Deck Med fans to know the crew had a lot of fun amid the drama.

Malia gives behind the scenes glimpse at Below Deck Mediterranean crew

Throughout the season, the bosun has used social media to gush over her colleagues. As the Lexi craziness heats up, Malia revealed a glimpse at the group’s good time filming the show.

In an Instagram post that included several pictures from the day off, Malia highlighted the fun shenanigans that went down.

“This day wasn’t all bad! Here’s some of the more fun times we had!” Malia captioned the post using hashtags to promote positivity and good vibes.

The comments section was flooded with comments gushing over the hilarious photos. Courtney Veale replied that the photos made her heart warm, while Katie Flood responded with clapping emojis.

Courtney responds to Malia post.
Pic credit: @maliakpwhite/Instagram
Katie replies to Malia post.
Pic credit: @maliakpwhite/Instagram

David highlights what Below Deck Med fans didn’t see

A couple of times over the turbulent season, David has promoted kindness, love, and positivity. Yes, David did call Lexi a liar, but that was in defense of his good friends Katie and Courtney.

The deckhand once again took to Instagram Stories to show off the happier times the crew had on that crazy day.

“You’ve seen the episode you’ve seen the chaos, but you didn’t see the happiness. So much negativity from some fans, but I just have fond memories from the good times,” David wrote while sharing Malia’s post.

David highlights crew fun.
Pic credit: @ davidpascoe91/Instagram

Next, David shared a picture of him in the hot tub, commenting on all hate coming from the season.

“Me reading hateful messages from fake accounts about my crew this season. Heineken and Haribo over racists and reprobates, much love,” David expressed.

David show cases hate messages.
Pic credit: @davidpascoe91/Instagram

It’s certainly been one roller coaster of a season. In true Below Deck Med fashion, the show has saved the best for last too. Lots of fights, injuries, and scolding is still to come on the hit-yachting show.

Malia White and David Pascoe want Below Deck Mediterranean viewers to know that many happy memories were created during Season 6.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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