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Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson has received death threats, blasts Bravo for encouraging harassment

Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson blames Bravo for her harassed.
Lexi revealed she has been bullied and received death threats after appearing on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Lexi Wilson has received death threats and blasts Bravo for encouraging harassment against her.

There’s no question that Lexi is the villain of Below Deck Med Season 6. Lexi’s bad behavior on the drunken crew night crossed a line with viewers. The fact that Lexi barely apologized doesn’t seem to pull her weight, and a fourth stew added to the interior has brought outrage.

Fans have taken issue with Captain Sandy Yawn allowing Lexi to stay following her horrific behavior. At the same time, alums Daisy Kelliher and Josiah Carter have expressed their thoughts on Katie Flood and Captain Sandy’s mindset regarding Lexi.

As the second half of the season plays out and Lexi still has a job, the haters are coming out in full force. Lexi has been speaking her truth from day one. Now she has a message for the trolls.

Lexi Wilson reveals she’s received death threats

The Bahamas native used Instagram to discuss the hate aimed at her. Lexi called out certain social media accounts, including Bravo, for allowing her to be harassed.

“I don’t really care for internet thugs. The real culprits are behind the accounts that enables the harassment and bullying even death threats (yes death threats stemming from me being on a reality tv show),” she wrote in an Instagram post that was captioned, “raising awareness.”

Below Deck Med’s Lexi Wilson blasts Bravo for encouraging harassment

Last week Lexi claimed Bravo should give her a raise because she’s carrying the show.

Now she has called the network the root of a lot of the hate against her. The stew blames certain social media accounts, especially Bravo, for allowing bullying to occur.

“They use that social media platform almost encouraging these psycho lunatics to feel empowered. The problem is not the keyboard warriors the problem is there social media accounts that allow the bullying. @belowdeckmedbravo, @bravotv @bravodailydish,” Lexi finished her message.

Lexi calls out Bravo for hate.
Pic credit: @lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

The comments section was filled with love and support for Lexi, with several users agreeing that the harassment and hate speech are unacceptable.

Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean has been filled with drama, mostly due to Lexi Wilson and chef Mathew Shea. They have each pushed the crew to their limits because of their individual actions and dislike of each other.

The mid-season trailer features things getting even more heated between Mathew and Lexi. In the meantime, Lexi continues to speak her truth, taking on the haters and Bravo.

What do you think of Lexi’s message?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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6 thoughts on “Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson has received death threats, blasts Bravo for encouraging harassment”

  1. Lexi, your arrogance k how’s no bounds. Try shutting your mouth and learning from your mistakes. I read the other day that the cast is psychologically tested before they are hired. That is either untrue or they hire the mentally challenged for “good tv”.

  2. Death threats and bullying are not ok on any level; that being said, Lexi needs to get over herself. She is a mean person, who only thinks of herself. She doesn’t want to do anything but wait on the guests and serve them. While that is admirable, there are other responsibilities as well. IMO, Lexi only took this job so she could get on TV and would do whatever she has to to make a name for herself; good or bad. To throw or make up blatant lies about fellow crew members is horrible. She should just pack it in. As far as Captain Sandy in all this, IMO, due to all that is going on right now, I think she is afraid to fire her for fear of retribution. We all know that Lexi would be the first one to cry racism.

  3. No one should be bullied or have death threats…but for the love of Pete, Lexi needs to gain a work ethic. I have never seen anyone so lazy in my life, is she truly oblivious to how poorly she did or is she being obtuse on purpose?


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