Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson claims chef Mathew Shea is obsessed with her

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med says chef Mathew Shea makes her fearful.
Lexi feels she needs to take legal action against Mathew for her safety. Pic credit: Bravo

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Mediterranean claims chef Mathew Shea is obsessed with her, and she doesn’t feel safe because of him.

The tension between Mathew and Lexi hit an all-time high during the latest night out. Lexi and Mathew’s fight left the Below Deck Med Season 6 crew angry and in shock over their degusting war of words.

As the drama explodes between the two of them, Lexi is speaking her mind making a shocking allegation against the chef.

Lexi Wilson claims chef Mathew Shea is obsessed with her

In a series of Instagram Stories, Lexi declared Mathew is obsessed with her. Lexi wrote that the chef is mad he can’t have her.

“Do not send me DMs about Matt; he is a creepy stalker (serial killer vibes) and is severely obsessed with me,” Lexi wrote in one slide.

She explained he spoke about her dating life as if he was jealous, even though Lexi never talked to Mathew about her personal life. Lexi declared he was stalking her and having conversations about her.

“He is legit creepy in real life, the nerve of him to talk about toxic when he was punching cameras and talking about his sex life randomly telling people he met his ex-girlfriend at a sex party. Matt is obsessed with me and just mad he can’t have me. He has a thing for me, and I would rather mop the ocean dry before getting with a person like Matt,” she expressed.

Lexi from Below Deck Med thinks Mathew is obsessed with her.
Pic credit: lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

Lexi fears for her safety

Not only did Lexi allege chef Mathew is obsessed with her, but she has also stated she fears for her safety. Lexi feels she needs a restraining order.

“Also, I will be going tomorrow to get a restraining order for Mathew Shea. I come to Rhode Island often, and I cannot afford to put my safety at risk. Matt has a few screws loose, and I fear he will eventually do something crazy,” Lexi explained.

The Bahamas native also called out the chef for lying about his anxiety. Lexi declares he only wants sympathy from fans, referring to him again as creepy.

“Matt does not suffer from anxiety; he is just a crazy creepy uncle that talks about attending sex parties to strangers. @bravo and @belowdeckmedbravo please do something about the security. I’m terrified of this obsessed crazy guy,” she stated.

Below Deck Med's Lexi wants legal action against Mathew.
Pic credit: @ lexiwilsonnnn/Instagram

Wowza, those are quite the allegations that Lexi Wilson is making about chef Mathew Shea from Below Deck Mediterranean. Lexi has yet again called out Bravo for lack of post-production security.

Those looking for these two to face off at the Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion show will be disappointed. Lexi has repeatedly said she wouldn’t be attending the event.

Are you Team Lexi or Team Mathew?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

i am not on either side; although when he started with her first
at the dinner, it kind of felt as if he did like her, before she said what she said.

if mat does like her that way, he should have told her that from the very begenning.
who would want to date lexi after she said that his parents should abort him? I belive(although i could be wrong) that mathew does like lexi in that way; I would not have been surprise if they did hook up and get involved…. but that last thing she said? forget it.

maybe he should just come right out and just say it… was he really that bothered about the room change, or the fact she accidently stepped in dirt?

2 years ago

She is a delusional psycho.

Ann Grant
Ann Grant
2 years ago

He’s fairly disgusting. She’s completely disgusting. Why do they let people with such hate fill a TV screen? It’s like Jen Shah, and those women from Potomic (Monica & Candice especially).

2 years ago

Only interesting people on the season though