Below Deck Med: Katie Flood and Malia White talk Lexi Wilson’s bad edit claims, reveal producers stopped fight

Malia White and Katie Flood from Below Deck Mediterranean dish Lexi Wilson editing accusations and reveal why producers stepped in on Season 6.
Malia and Katie shared some shocking revelations about Lexi at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion show. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean stars Katie Flood and Malia White talk about Lexi Wilson’s bad edit claims at the reunion show. They also revealed that producers had to stop one fight involving the fired stew.

Season 6 of Below Deck Med has been one wild and crazy ride for the Lady Michelle crew. One reason it was so turbulent was because of Lexi and her bad behavior.

As the season winds down, Below Deck Mediterranean viewers anxiously await the reunion show. While Lexi won’t be at the virtual event, she will be talked about a lot on it.

Below Deck Med’s Katie Flood reveals the fight producers stopped

In a preview clip for the Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion show, some juicy tea is spilled about Lexi and the crew mess fight.

Captain Sandy Yawn stands by her claims she was not told the full story regarding Lexi’s actions. The captain reiterates she would have fired Lexi sooner if more details had been revealed.

Host Andy Cohen asks deckhand Zee Dempers what he thought when Lexi pushed him in the crew mess. Before Zee could answer, Katie, interrupted to drop a truth bomb about the situation.

“I’m going to step in here,” Katie said. “Production actually stepped in.”

Andy was shocked, and Zee confirmed producers did intervene as Katie began to spill the entire story.

“Yeah, because it was getting so out of hand. They actually stepped in and like lost our s**t like, “This is not what we are about.’ And if it goes any further, I’m pretty sure Lexi would have been removed straight away. But I guess she reined it in at that point,” Katie explained.

Malia White talks Lexi Wilson bad edit claims on Below Deck Mediterranean

The conversation regarding the crew mess fight where Lexi put her hands on Zee took an even more interesting turn when Malia shaded Lexi’s bad edits claims.

“If anything, she was edited nicely that night,” Malia expressed.

Katie agreed with Malia’s words, replying, “I think so too.”

Throughout the season, Lexi has claimed the show gave her a bad edit. Lexi even called out executive producer Nadine Rajabi for messaging the stew to say everyone was given a bad edit.

Well, it turns out Lexi Wilson was given a much nicer edit than her actions warranted the evening of the crew mess fight. Malia White and Katie Flood dish about the incident at the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion.

There’s so much more to that goes down at the virtual chat, including chef Mathew Shea blasting Captain Sandy Yawn. Be sure to tune in Monday, October 17 at 10/9c on Bravo. to see it all unfold.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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