Below Deck Med: Katie Flood admits keeping Lexi Wilson was Captain Sandy Yawn’s decision

Katie Flood reveals why she didn't fire Lexi Wilson on Below Deck Med and it has to do with Captain Sandy Yawn.
Katie is speaking her truth on the stressful situation with Lexi and Captain Sandy. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean chief stew, Katie Flood, admitted that keeping Lexi Wilson was Captain Sandy Yawn’s decision, not hers.

Katie’s first season on the hit-yachting show has been a challenging one. She has been stressed because of Lexi’s behavior, especially on that fateful crew night out.

The New Zealand native went to Captain Sandy a couple of times with concerns, only to get push back from the captain and told to guide the troubled stew.

After seeing the struggling interior, Captain Sandy offered to bring on a fourth stew. Katie reluctantly agreed, and Delaney Evans joined the crew, adding a new layer of stress for the chief stew.

Lexi has continuously spoken about her experience on Below Deck Med. Now, Katie is shedding light on the challenging situation by revealing a couple of truth bombs.

Why did Katie Flood keep Lexi Wilson on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6?

In a recent Instagram Q&A session, Katie answered fans’ most burning questions, including why Lexi hasn’t been fired. One user called Lexi’s behavior “totally unacceptable.”

“This decision was never up to me,” Katie wrote on an Instagram Story. “I tried my best to keep the boat moving as charters went on. I wasn’t happy about it but just put my head down and kept going. Also, all the crew was asked to try [to] move forward so that’s [what] we did.”

Katie talks not firing Captain Sandy.
Pic credit: @KatieFlood/Instagram

The response coincided with what Katie said to Showbiz CheatSheet regarding not having the right to fire someone because that belonged to Captain Sandy.

Katie also spilled that if this had been her second season, she would have pushed harder to have Lexi fired. The sentiment aligns with what Daisy Kelliher and Josiah Carter said about the situation too.

Does Katie think Captain Sandy should have backed her more?

Another question asked during the Q&A was if Katie thought Captain Sandy should have backed her more regarding Lexi.

“She asked me to try so I tired[.] She is the [captain] of the vessel and I respect that so whatever she says goes[.] So I did my best to try [to] find [a way] to deal with the Lexi situation, and do what was asked of me. It was hard as you all see but that’s how you grow,” Katie replied.

Katie talks about Captain Sandy not backing her.
Pic credit: @KatieFlood/Instagram

No, Katie didn’t slam Captain Sandy, but she also didn’t seem to agree with her management style.

There are quite a few episodes in Season 6. Viewers will have to keep watching to see what kind of relationship Captain Sandy and Katie end up having.

Plus, the Below Deck Med reunion show will no doubt touch on Katie Flood’s handling of the Lexi Wilson situation and how Captain Sandy Yawn had the final say. Lexi won’t be there to speak her mind, though. She’s over it all.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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