Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier spills the tea on why she butted heads with at least one stew each season

Hannah Ferrier reveals why there was so much tension with stews on Below Deck Med.
Hannah had plenty of tension with her interior crew during her stint on Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier has spilled the tea regarding why she butted heads with at least one stew each season.

Hannah spent four and a half seasons on the Below Deck spin-off. She was the OG chief stew on Below Deck Med from day one, even working with the late Captain Mark Howard for the first season.

Below Deck Mediterranean fans know Hannah was fired during Season 5. Despite no longer being on the show, Hannah often shares behind-the-scenes information on her podcast Dear Reality, You’re Effed!

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One topic The Australian native recently discussed was why she always had issues with someone in her interior crew.

Hanna Ferrier spills tea on why she butted heads with at least one stew each season

Katie Flood from Below Deck Med Season 6 and Hannah’s replacement as chief stew stopped by Dear Reality, You’re Effed! to discuss her time on the Bravo show. Hannah made it clear to Katie that she didn’t watch the season, so she would need some details.

One subject they discussed was the fact Below Deck Mediterranean viewers don’t understand that so much of the drama is because it makes good television. Hannah recalled constantly being asked why she had a problem in a stew every season.

“It used to frustrate me because they’re like, ‘Oh, why does she always have an issue with one of her stews?'” Hannah shared. “I’m like, ‘Because it’s been f**king cast that way, you idiots.’ It’s not like if you picked two stews out of anywhere that I would have a problem with one of them. But don’t you think that it makes for more interesting TV if I do have a problem with one of them?”

Hannah certainly had her fair share of stew problems, especially with Christine Bugsy Drake and Lara Flumiani.

Season 4 was the only season Hannah didn’t butt head with a stew. Instead, Hannah bonded with Aesha Scott and Anastasia Surmava. The three ladies remain the closes of friends today.

Chief stew has no control over hiring or firing stews on Below Deck

Below Deck fans often wonder why a crew member isn’t fired on the show. For example, Katie was constantly asked why she didn’t get rid of Lexi Wilson sooner. The reason is simple – no control.

Unlike on other yachts, the chief stew has no control over hiring or firing crew on the Below Deck shows.

“If I had the power, I can guarantee right now that wouldn’t have been the case. Every stewardess I’ve hired since I’ve been a chief stew, I’ve gone through that process myself. I choose the nicest, the best, but guys, it’s a TV show!” Katie expressed.

Hannah Ferrier may no longer be on Below Deck Mediterranean, but she still gets many questions about her time on the show. It’s one reason she explained why she butted heads with at least one stew every single season.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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