Below Deck Med fans slam chief stew Natasha Webb for on-screen behavior

Natasha Webb from Below Deck Med has come under fire.
Natasha has caused quite a fury among Below Deck Med viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean fans have slammed Natasha Webb for her on-screen behavior as the Season 7 drama heats up.

There are a little more than a handful of episodes that have aired during the current season of the Below Deck spin-off.

Natasha has been a big part of the drama this season, courtesy of her brief boatmance with chef Dave White.

Both parties are to blame for the romance ending abruptly, creating an awkward working environment.

As new developments come to light, Below Deck Mediterranean viewers are slamming Natasha for her behavior. It’s not just actions with Dave that have fans in arms.

Warning there are spoilers from Below Deck Med Season 7 Episode 7 from early access on Peacock moving forward.

Below Deck Med fans slam Natasha Webb for on-screen behavior

Twitter has been buzzing each episode with comments on Dave and Natasha’s drama. However, as she reunited with her ex-boyfriend, whom she cheated on with Dave, Twitter exploded with a dislike for the chief stew.

One user is simply not a Natasha fan and said just that.

Another declared that Natasha was “the worst” for the way she has been acting on the show.

There was also a joke comparing Natasha to Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Gary King, who always finds himself in crew romance drama.

Several Twitter users were unhappy that Natasha told Dave she got back together with her ex-boyfriend.

Natasha under fire from Below Deck Med fans.
Pic credit: Pic credit: @crysonhere/Twitter and @fed_up_female/Twitter

Dave wasn’t the only reason Twitter took issue with Natasha. The chief stew walked away as Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen argued had users calling her a bad stew.

Natasha bashed for not breaking up Kyle and Natalya fight.
Pic credit: @SummerBarnhart2 and @realitykath/Twitter

The recent talk on social media has been quite different than when Natasha first appeared on the show. When Below Deck Mediterranean dropped, the chief stew was liked, but boy, the tide has changed.

What have Below Deck Med stars said about Dave White and Natasha Webb drama?

A few Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 cast members have spoken out on the Natasha and Dave drama.

Captain Sandy Yawn revealed that she didn’t know anything was happening between them until it was brought to her attention.

Kyle weighed in on the boatmance, too, expressing that it was not a good idea for the chef and chief stew to date. However, the stew does feel that Dave and Natasha will be able to work through the awkwardness for the rest of the season.

As for Dave, he has taken full responsibility for his bad behavior and the way he treated Natasha on their crew night outs. Natasha called the situation messy. She also revealed she and Dave have moved on, especially Natasha, who has a new guy in her life.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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1 year ago

she is a dick tease…………..simple as that~

1 year ago

and Sandy needs to take back her remark to Dave, “if you act this way again”……………..she had no idea that Natasha was the cause of everything………………………….and for Natasha to play the oh whoa is me innocent act, as she ROOMS WITH HIM…………she is a dick tease simple as that

Teri Lynn Ostroviak
Teri Lynn Ostroviak
1 year ago

Natasha is just not sure what makes her happy and then just whines. She should hang her head in shame after she views how she treated Dave. She started every bad situation with Dave. Be thankful, Dave.

1 year ago

Natasha gave him the cold shoulder over and over until he got angry, then she pounced on him like she was a victim. Natasha is pathetic.