Below Deck Med fans react to Kyle Viljoen’s shocking tumble down the steps

Kyle Viljoen on Below Deck Med Season 7
Kyle has a shocking ending to Below Deck Med Season 7. Pic credit: Bravo

Warning: this article contains spoilers from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17 with early access on Peacock.

There are only a couple of episodes left in the current season of Below Deck Med, which is proving to be one of the longer seasons.

However, as Season 7 winds down, there was a dramatic exit that Below Deck Mediterranean fans never saw coming. 

Stew Kyle Viljoen took a nasty spill down the steps at the end of Episode 16. It turns out Kyle sprained his ankle, rendering him useless to Natasha Webb and Natalya Scudder for the rest of the charter. 

The pain was too much for Kyle to work, and Natasha declared they needed to replace him. Kyle left as Natasha cried about having to work a few days without her bestie and a replacement.

Social media has been buzzing with fan reactions to Kyle’s sudden departure, and they have a lot to say.

Below Deck Med fans react to Kyle Viljoen having to leave

Twitter was on fire with Below Deck Mediterranean fans speaking out after Kyle had to leave the show due to his injury.

One user simply told Kyle, “Goodbye,” while another thought he deserved what happened, and a different one commented on Natasha worrying about herself.

Below Deck Med fans Twitter comments on Kyle's injury
Pic credit: @BazicWhiteWitch/Twitter and @kikirad68/Twitter and @sullypov/Twitter

Others weren’t so sure why Kyle couldn’t help in the laundry or even cut fruit in order to help out the girls.

Below Deck Med Twitter
Pic credit: @spicysucculents/Twitter and @MVerieri/Twitter

There was even a Below Deck Med viewer who felt it was all Karma that happened to Kyle.

Not everyone was bashing or slamming the stew. One Twitter user shared what they believed was an unpopular opinion, giving the social media platform a little food for thought.

Kyle Viljoen conducts interviews at BravoCon

While his exit from Below Deck Mediterranean may not have been the way Kyle wanted to end his stint on the show, he has certainly become popular with Bravo.

The network had him conducting interviews during BravoCon and joining the Below Deck Crew Oughta Know panel at one point.

Kyle took to Instagram to share photos from his experience at the event, including his unique outfit choice.

“Uno dos tres BRAVO??‍♀️Oh My Gees LUIS!!! This was a such a great day! Ladies & Gays this was a BLAST! I love every single person I met! I had such a great time and loved hanging with you all STEW FOR YOU!” was the caption on his post.

The end of Below Deck Med Season 7 is a couple of weeks away, and that means a reunion show. Kyle Viljoen will no doubt have a lot to say about his sudden departure.

What do you think of Kyle having to leave the show?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c with early access on Peacock.

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1 year ago

I was glad….he caused too much drama
He swooned over frank leaving too much work for Natasha
Next to leave should be Tasha! Bad leadership and the way she played victim over what she did to Dave. Good luck

1 year ago
Reply to  Lorraine

Totally agree – they are looking for some kind of story line.

1 year ago

I loved Kyle. His spunk and flare brightened up the place. The head stew is so distracted and busy whining and crying. I’ll miss him.

1 year ago

OVER Kyle – he is such a fake bunch of cr*p. He is working the “I am gay” thing for all it’s worth and it’s not worth much at this point. Please send him home for good!