Below Deck Med fans have not forgotten chef Adam Glick’s onion scandal as they reflect on the scene

Adam Glick, Captain Sandy, and Hannah Ferrier
Adam’s purposeful onion serving to charter guests who said no onions was a scandal during Season 2 of Below Deck Med that fans relived. Pic credit: Bravo

The great onion fiasco that chef Adam Glick got the crew into on Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean has not been forgotten by fans who relived the scene on social media.

The memorable situation occurred on a charter where four of the guests specified that they did not like or want onions in anything, which was something Adam took personal issue with.

In doing so he purposely put onion in the guests’ dishes two separate times and then lied to Captain Sandy about it before eventually coming clean. In the process, he told chief stew, Hannah Ferrier, that he knowingly added onions because he thought it was funny.

The entire debacle ended up being quality reality television and went down in Below Deck history as an unforgettable scene.

Chef Adam Glick’s onion issue on Season 2 of Below Deck Med was revisited by fans

A popular Below Deck fan page shared a TikTok that pieced together the different important scenes from chef Adam’s use of onions against the wishes of the guests.

The video took Below Deck fans through Sandy calling Adam psychotic for lying to her about the onions before jumping to the charter guest sending the dish back because it had onions. That was followed up by Hannah frustratingly repeating during a private interview, “Why?”

Adam remaking the dish without onions was shown as was his justification for putting them in which was because he thought the guests were new money people who wanted the power of sending a dish back.

The video clip then jumped to the preference sheet meeting where Adam acknowledged the no onions request and then it shot to the second night’s dinner where Adam served onions in the soup.

When the primary guest brought it up to Sandy in passing she confronted Adam and he lied to protect himself. Then when Hannah confronted him, he told her he thought it was funny and she too called him psychotic in an interview.

The fan page mocked the video in the caption and wrote, “You can’t have a good tasting soup without a little bit of onion.” And finished by saying, “Oh poor Hannah lol it’s all fun and games until you’re the one who has to be client facing and explain it.”

Other Below Deck fans and cast weighed in on Adam Glick’s onion scandal

Hannah Ferrier was tagged in the reminiscent post and showed up in the comments twice.

First, she wrote, “OMG. I totally forgot how bloody crazy that was.” Followed by, “Your old clips are making me laugh so hard.”

Season 3 Below Deck Sailing Yacht newcomer Gabriela Barragan jabbed, “Omg that grown a** man can eat an onion. But also, Adam can also use shallots or scallions.”

One fan asserted, “Never really warmed to Adam. This episode was crazy though! Dude, think of the tips!”

While another noted, “Adam was VERY lucky that it wasn’t a medical issue.”

Instagram comments about Adam Glick's onion scandal.
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveaverage/Instagram

Adam Glick had a troubled appearance on Season 1 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Adam’s appearance as a chef on Parsifal III under Captain Glenn Shephard was mired in drama due to his boat romance with the chief stew on board Jenna MacGillivray.

The pair spent more time either flirting or fighting with each other than fulfilling their job duties and it rubbed the crew the wrong way and led to several failed moments in leadership.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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