Below Deck Med fans drag Jessika Asai for behavior with Luka Brunton ‘no self respect’

Jessika Asai on Below Deck Med Season 8
Jessika has Below Deck Med fans in an uproar. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med fans are dragging Jessika Asai for her behavior with Luka Brunton as Season 8 ends.

There’s no question the current season of Below Deck Med was hard to watch.

However, the finale took things to a whole new level when Jessika went on a drunken rampage to get back at Luka for texting with Katie Flood and making out with Natalya Scudder.

Not only did Jessika kiss Max Salvador and another random dude making a fool of herself, but she still hooked up with Luka after all that drama.

It wasn’t the first time that Jessika had gone off on Luka for the way he treated her, only to give in and have sex with him when she was drunk.

Now, after a toxic season, Below Deck Med fans are going off on the stew for her actions.

Below Deck Med fans drag Jessika Asai for behavior with Luka Brunton ‘no self respect’

X (formerly Twitter) was on fire, with Below Deck Med fans taking aim at Jessika and not holding back their thoughts about her.

“Jessika has no self respect or self worth when it comes to Luka. This is embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♀️,” wrote one viewer.

The lack of self-respect and self-esteem Jessika has for herself was one hot topic. Jessika was also called “pathetic,” “garbage,” and “a mess.”

One user even slammed Jessika for going after Max, who has been in a boatmance with Lily Davison since the latter arrived on the yacht.

Below Deck Med fans blastJessika Asai
Pic credit: @deSir_e_/@TedSinclairUSA/@TruColrs8989/@Jazzy_Aranda/@dezireme2/@RobbTodd4/X

Another called out Jessika for basically playing herself.

“I cannot say anything positive about Jessika’s personality,” said someone else.

A different user was embarrassed for Jessika and how she acted on the show.

Luka Brunton was thrown into Below Deck Med fans’ outrage at Jessika Asai

The fact that Luka doesn’t care about Jessika and has made that known all season has also been brought up a few times.

One user discussed how Jessika’s revenge plan was an epic fail because Luka doesn’t care.

Another mentioned that Jessika felt like Luka played her, yet Captain Sandy Yawn blew up his Katie Flood texting in front of Jessika, so she knew what Luka was all about.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Luka did recently diss Jessika, saying they had “no chemistry” and picking Natalya Scudder over her in the romance department.

Not everyone was coming for Jessika after the Below Deck Med finale, though. Some X users had issues with Luka and how things went down on the final crew night out, especially after how much Jessika drank.

“Jessika is an immature silly little girl. However Luka is disgusting. She’s had way too much to drink he should’ve left her alone but she has zero respect for herself,” a viewer wrote.

A different one remarked about the “balls” on Luka for hooking up with Jessika after his behavior on the final crew night out.

Luka Brunton slammed by Below Deck Med fans
Pic credit: @joni cash7/@pden000/X

Season 8 of Below Deck Med certainly went out with a bang and kept true to form with drama up until the very end.

What did you think about Jessika?

For those looking for more information on the Below Deck Med Season 8 reunion, click here.

Below Deck Med is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-8 are streaming on Peacock.

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