Below Deck Med fans call out Captain Sandy Yawn for not firing chef Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson

Below Deck Med fans are dragging Captain Sandy for her actions on Season 6 o show.
Captain Sandy is under fire again for her actions on Below Deck Mediterranean. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean fans are calling out Captain Sandy Yawn for not firing chef Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson after all the drama they caused.

Captain Sandy caused an uproar during Season 5 of Below Deck Med for firing chef Kiko Lorran and Hannah Ferrier without a second thought. Now the captain is under fire for doing the opposite, giving two undeserving crew members multiple chances.

Chef Mathew has walked off the luxury yacht twice. Meanwhile, Lexi verbally and physically assaulted several crew members.

Instead of firing them, Captain Sandy has given Matt a third chance and pushed chief stew Katie Flood to keep Lexi around. The hypocrisy of Captain Sandy’s actions isn’t lost on viewers, some of whom feel the captain is trying to be painted in a more positive light this season.

What are Below Deck Med fans saying about Captain Sandy, not firing chef Mathew?

Twitter doesn’t hold back when expressing thoughts on Below Deck Mediterranean, and the current situation is no exception.

Several users wasted no time discussing how chef Mathew quit multiple times yet still had a job. However, Kiko barely messed up but was fired. Kiko didn’t get any support from the captain.

“Matt tries to quit twice and Sandy keeps him, Kiko barely messes up a mean and she fires one of the kindests hardest working chefs we’ve seen on #BelowDeckMed,” wrote on Twitter user.

“You know who actually deserved compassion, grace, and understanding from Sandy? #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean,” wrote another.

Others pointed out Hannah was never extended the same grace that Captain Sandy showed chef Matthew.

What are Below Deck Med fans saying about Captain Sandy keeping Lexi?

No one was more shocked than Katie when the captain forced her to give Lexi another chance after her drunken rage-filled actions. Katie tried to explain what Lexi did to the other crew members, but Captain Sandy cut her off.

Fans angry at Captain Sandy over Lexi
Pic credit: @r_kollman/Twitter

Social media isn’t happy that Captain Sandy keeps blaming Katie while making excuses for Lexi.

Fans blast Captain Sandy over Matt and Lexi.
Pic credit: @lizfrenchyyy/Twitter

Viewers are so over, Lexi. Thanks to the captain, one Twitter user went on a little rant over the second stew sticking around after her actions.

Below Deck Mediterranean viewers are furious chef Matthew and Lexi are still on the hit yachting show.

Previews for an upcoming episode feature Katie losing it with Lexi, whose worth ethic dwindles drastically. Katie gets to a breaking point, which fans are hoping leads to Lexi getting fired from Below Deck Med.

Captain Sandy Yawn is no stranger to backlash from viewers, and it’s a good thing too. The current season has brought out even more anger toward the captain for her treatment of specific crew members.

The season isn’t even half over yet, but Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 already has fans outraged. It’s not all bad, though. Social media erupted with love and support for Lloyd after he opened up about his sexuality on the show.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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