Below Deck Med fans accuse show of being ‘scripted’ after Katie Flood drama

Kate Flood on Below Deck Med Season 8
Katie was a hot topic on Below Deck Med Season 8. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med fans have had a lot to say about Season 8 of the yachting show and, most recently, are taking aim at the Katie Flood drama.

After a rather long and extremely toxic-filled season, the end is almost here for Below Deck Med Season 8.

The current season has given Below Deck Med fans a lot to sound off on, especially when it comes to the crew members.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kyle Viljoen was slammed for taking tip money even though he was sick the entire charter.

Now, Below Deck Med fans are calling out production for planting the topic of Katie on the show strictly for a storyline.

Captain Sandy Yawn definitely caused tension between Luka Brutnon and his boatmance Jessika Asai when she accused Luka of crushing on Katie.

It all seems a bit scripted to some fans.

Below Deck Med fans accuse show of being ‘scripted’ after Katie Flood drama

Over on Reddit, one user got the ball rolling with a post about Katie Flood being a plant on the show for storyline purposes.

“Below Deck Med I don’t buy that she texted out of the blue. Somehow the producers got hold of her and told her to text Luka. It just seems too convenient Obviously I have no proof. But, I wouldn’t past the producers. After hearing more of what they do to wind up the crew,” wrote the Reddit user.

Katie Flood Reddit post
Pic credit: @Infamous-Room4817/Reddit

Another user agreed, adding that Captain Sandy’s reaction to Luka bringing up Katie was staged, too. Captain Sandy was further called out as she was compared to a kid in grade school.

Luka and Captain Sandy remarks
Pic credit: @Joshomatic/@Intelligent_Choice53/Reddit

“In the last two episodes. Just these text coming in suddenly that seems too scripted/forced for my liking,” said a user

Others brought up how Katie keeps coming up a lot on the show as well as Captain Sandy and Katie being on Winter House.

Katie Flood scripted comments
Pic credit: @RHO Corporate/@SaltyCaramelPretzel/@Infamous-Room4817/Reddit

“Oh ya has produced written all over it,” wrote a user, while a different one said, “Remember, there’s nothing real about reality TV.”

The fact that Katie was just on Winter House was brought up a couple of more times.

Below Deck Med fans call out show
Pic credit: @spk22rk/@BCircle907/@sturgis252/@Bennington_Booyah/Reddit

Not everyone agrees with the theory that the Katie story with Luka and Captain Sandy was scripted.

Below Deck Med fans defend Luka Brunton and Katie Flood’s connection

A few Reddit users were quick to point out that people in yachting are always looking to see where their friends are. Another brought up what a playboy Luka is, so it’s entirely possible he has Katie’s number.

“I feel Luka is particularly well connected among the below deck cast compared to other people,” wrote a user.

Below Deck Med fans defend Katie storyline
Pic credit: @Odd_Light_8188/@Peri_Colosa1/@sturgis252/Reddit

The user isn’t wrong about Luka having a connection to a lot of people in the Below Deck family even before he appeared on Below Deck Down Under.

Katie Flood was one hot topic on Below Deck Med, but not all fans are buying that she randomly texted Luka Brunton or how Captain Sandy Yawn reacted to it.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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