Below Deck Med: Did Roy Orbison Jr. like his Season 5 or Season 6 experience better?

Who did Roy Orbison Jr. prefer on Below Deck Med chef Matt or chef Kiko.
Roy reveals which Below Deck Med chef he preferred Kiko or Mathew. Pic credit: Bravo

Roy Orbison Jr. has revealed if he liked his Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 or Season 6 experience better.

The talented singer and his family are no strangers to the hit-yachting series. Roy has been an open book regarding the show, even sharing a story that almost shut down production.

Viewers saw Roy have two entirely different experiences during his stints on the Bravo show. One was more chill, while the other, he let loose and threw back the booze.

Which chef did Roy prefer? Mathew or Kiko?

Roy recently stopped by Gangplank Report podcast to chat with hosts Adrienne Gang and Jen Bennington. The lovely hosts couldn’t resist asking which chef the Orbison family preferred, chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran or chef Mathew Shea.

“We personally liked Kiko. I like him, he’s one of the most likable people on all of the shows,” Roy shared.

The father of two spilled that the food on Season 5 was not that great. Roy wasn’t sure if it was the food Kiko was given or what, but he called the food not great.

Looking back, Roy admitted he thought it was good at the time. However, he now feels the situation seduced him.

“Even when I watch back and I’m looking at the picnic, and I’m like, that’s basically just dry tortilla chips with just you know, cheese on it. It’s not really a picnic,” he said.

Despite loving Kiko as a person, Roy admitted his family preferred chef Mathew because of his quality of food.

“The second one was amazing. The food was amazing. Matt, the chef on the second one, is really, really a good cook,” Roy expressed.

The singer explained that chef Mathew gave them the kind of food eaten in a five-star restaurant, which should be served on a luxury yacht.

Did Roy Orbison Jr. like his Season 5 or Season 6 experience better?

Although his two stints on Below Deck Mediterranean were vastly different, Roy had the time of his life on both of them. Roy praised Season 5 and Season 6 crews. He even shared stories of Hannah Ferrier and chef Mathew playing with his two boys, Roy III and Bo.

Roy did say that production used little pieces of everything his group did for the Season 5 episodes. When it came to Season 6, the episodes only focused on a tiny bit of the charter due to all the crew drama. He also spilled the Season 6 charter was actually five days four nights, not a super short one like it was portrayed on screen.

The talented musician called both stints a trip of a lifetime and couldn’t choose between his Season 5 and Season 6 experience. Roy did say he let loose during Season 6 because he didn’t do it the first time around. The group was very proper in Season 5.

Roy Orbison Jr. gushed over having an incredible experience on Below Deck Med both times.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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