Below Deck Med crew reacts to Delaney Evans’ generic goodbye text message

Below Deck Med: Deck crew responds to Delaney Evans copy and paste text
The Lady Michelle crew continues to diss Delaney even after she is gone. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 crew has reacted to Delaney Evans’ generic good-bye text message that was sent to the deck team.

Delany has said more than once her experience on the Bravo show was not great. It was awkward from the moment she boarded the Lady Michelle, and she only lasted one charter.

After Captain Sandy Yawn finally fired Lexi Wilson, chief stew Katie Flood chose not to bring Delaney back. When Delaney left the luxury yacht, she did a copy and paste text to the deck crew. She may have done it with the interior team, but that wasn’t featured on the show.

What did the Below Deck Mediterranean crew think of Delaney Evans’ goodbye text?

The Below Deck Med Season 6 After Show featured Lloyd Spencer, David Pascoe, Zee Dempers, and Malia White reacting to the copy and paste text.

Lloyd found it very amusing that they all had the same message. David compared it to writing a weird group email goodbye message at a workplace with like 4,000 people. He then remarked the crew was not that big a personal touch would have been nice.

“Not that there’s that many of us but you can send something a little bit more personal,” David shared.

Zee laughed at it because of the events of the night before where drunk Delaney was enjoying her time with the crew. The deckhand did note everyone was drunk, including him.

“A blanket good-bye to every single person who you ‘tried’ to really connect with, like you really can do better,” Zee expressed.

All in all, the guys and bosun Malia admitted it was really weird.

Delaney explains why she didn’t say goodbye to the crew in person

The Season 6 After Show also featured Delaney revealing why she didn’t say goodbye to the crew in person.

“I went to say my goodbyes, and half the people were in the shower or asleep or whatever. So, I actually didn’t get to say the goodbyes I wanted to,” she stated.

Delaney explained she really did make an effort to try and say a proper goodbye to the entire crew. She also described sending a text to the crew that didn’t match what the deck team received.

The awkward text message is the least of the issues between Delaney and the Lady Michelle crew. David Pascoe and Delaney Evans got into a heated social media feud earlier this week.

It set the stage for what promises to be a jaw-dropping, explosive Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion show. Yes, Delaney will be at the virtual event, and no doubt Andy Cohen will bring up the very generic goodbye text message she sent to the crew.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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