Below Deck Med crew erupt in epic Twitter war lasting 16 HOURS

An angry-looking Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Mediterranean
Hannah Ferrier confronting Bobby about reading her messages on last week’s Below Deck Med

The Below Deck Mediterranean cast have had an epic Twitter war lasting more than 16 HOURS.

The drama started after Bobby Giancola posted a Tweet thanking his fans for making it to 50,000 followers, before Lauren Cohen replied alleging that he once told her he bought some of them.

Things then moved on to the controversy surrounding Hannah Ferrier’s flirty texts to millionaire charter guest Jason Ziegler.

This didn’t sit well with Wesley Walton, who started having a go at Lauren telling her she had only done it to “get a rise” out of Bobby and shouldn’t comment on things unless she has something good to say.

But Lauren hit back, saying she was allowed to exercise her rights to free speech and she would “continue to do so whenever I please”.

However, Wes said their online feud was “not good for the show”.

Bobby then also got involved, asking Lauren why she was “starting s***” on his Twitter.

The feud between Wesley and Lauren then went on…

And on…

Then it was almost over…

But it wasn’t…

Then the other crew members started getting involved — namely Hannah Ferrier on Lauren’s side and Max Hagley, Bugsy Drake and Malia White on Wes’s side.

And it wasn’t long before things turned to Hannah Ferrier’s racy texts to Jason Ziegler — who she recently revealed she still messages.

It started when a fan called Sandie Harris called Malia “hypocritical” for saying she didn’t have respect for Hannah after her texts to Jason were found on the boat iPad — when Malia herself has ended up kissing two of her crewmates this season.

Wes was quick to point out that kissing a charter guest is a “dismissible offense”, while kissing a crew member isn’t.

But Hannah then said Wes was “making up the rules” and that she had spoken to Captain Sandy Yawn about it all.

Things then took a turn south when Bobby chimed in.

And things truly kicked off…

It wasn’t until more than 16 hours since his first Tweet to Lauren that Wes’s row ended with a Tweet to Hannah..

And then another addressing Adam and Hannah’s feud on the show.

And that brings us right up to date for…tonight’s episode! Which sees Wes announce his choice for lead deckhand, which causes some serious tensions.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Bugsy try to put their differences apart and after the word gets out that Wes and Malia kissed during anchor watch they get accused of crossing professional boundaries.

Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments below.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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